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Earphone Earpiece Type E True Wireless

The soft silicone design eliminates the feeling of foreign matter!
Earpiece Type E with the best fit.

A replacement earpiece designed for fully wireless earphones. Most of the general earpieces have a shape that strongly presses the back of the ear canal, which causes pain and tiredness when worn for a long time. The new Type E complete wireless specification uses a ""soft silicone design"" and is a type that is softly attached to the entrance of the ear canal, so there is almost no feeling of foreign matter. By minimizing the fit itself, we have achieved the ""best fit"".

Five sizes, SS / S / M / L / LL, are available to fit various ear holes, and two colors, Black and Clear, are available. Clear has a slightly different surface degree (smoothness of the surface) and hardness than other Blacks, so a slight change in the degree of sealing makes the bass slightly lighter, and the treble can be heard clearly and is clear. It tends to change to sound.

In addition to packages of each size (4 pieces), we also have a great-value trial package ""ALL size"" (10 pieces) that includes all sizes in pairs. It is a common type that can be used for earphones made by other companies, though some products may not be compatible.


  • Soft silicone design
    Soft silicone design realizes the best fit without any foreign matter
  • Short type for complete wireless earphones
    We have adopted a short type that can be stored without interfering with the charger of a completely wireless earphone
  • Adopts aspect ratio optimized for each size
    With the aspect ratio optimized for each size, each person can respond to different ear hole shapes
  • Designed to prevent fatigue even after long-term use
    The umbrella part is made of soft ultra-thin silicone and fits perfectly so that it sticks to the ear canal, so there is no feeling of oppression and it is designed so that you will not get tired even if you use it for a long time
  • Sound leakage reduction & hard to fall off from your ears!
    The soft silicone design fits perfectly into the ear canal, reducing sound leakage and preventing the earphones from falling out of the ear
  • Bass improvement
    It fits perfectly in the ear canal and the degree of sealing in the ear canal is increased, so that the low range can be heard firmly and the piercing sound in the high range is reduced


Color: Black, Clear

Material: Silicone

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