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VR3000 for Gaming

Earphones that reproduce the acoustic space image of games and VR as the creator intended
Most earphones for games and 3D sounds are made with exaggerated low and high frequencies, emphasizing the surprise when you listen to them. However, the sound used with the video is intended to immerse you in the world of content such as the game, and you should not be surprised by the sound. We believe that in order to immerse yourself in content such as games, it is important to accurately reproduce the creator's intentions and aims contained in the sound source. VR3000 is an earphone developed based on this idea.


Sound creation based on acoustic engineering, psychoacoustics, and spatial acoustics

It is a new earphone born from research on the difference between the sound source produced by the 2ch stereo system and the sound source produced by the binaural technology. It was widely known that listening to sound sources such as games and VR that were binaurally produced with conventional earphones and headphones caused a unique sense of discomfort in the treble range. Researchers involved in acoustics have been aware of the cause of this, but have yet to find a sufficiently successful example of how to deal with it. This time, as a result of taking measures against the problem with a new approach, we will create earphones that can feel the tone, spatial image and sense of direction as intended by the creator in binaurally produced games and VR sound sources. I was able to. As a result of repeated research on the VR3000, even more accurate reproduction is possible.

Equipped with a completely newly designed driver unit "f-Core DU" that has reviewed all of the design, parts, and production technology

In order to achieve high sound quality that cannot be achieved in this price range, we have set up a new base overseas and newly designed driver parts such as diaphragms, voice coils, magnets, magnetic circuits, adhesives for each part, and even production equipment, and completely renewed. We have developed the designed 6mmφ dynamic driver unit "f-Core DU". The material of the driver front housing is brass, which is less affected by magnetic force and has a higher specific gravity than general aluminum. In order to improve the time response performance of the diaphragm, the voice coil uses 30μ ultra-fine CCAW and is assembled with the minimum amount of adhesive to thoroughly reduce the weight of the moving parts. Furthermore, by carefully pressing the diaphragm in a small lot of about 1/3 of the normal size, pressure bias is minimized and a uniform diaphragm without distortion is realized.

A feeling of wearing as if customized

The VR3000 achieves an excellent fit based on the housing design that is considered to be the optimal solution for IEM that final considers. Whether or not the earphones are comfortable to wear depends on the feeling of oppression. At first glance, the method of holding with the repulsive force of silicon, such as ergonomically selecting an organic shape, seems to be correct, but it always puts force on the ear, which puts a strain on the ear without noticing it, and fatigue accumulates. To do. Compared to the shape that touches the ear on a large surface, the shape that limits the contact area aims for a comfortable fit without feeling oppressive. Therefore, it fits many ears. If there is no oppressive feeling at all points of contact, you can feel that wearing earphones is so comfortable, and it is an excellent wearing feeling as if it were a customized earphone.

Ear hook to eliminate cable touch noise (with lock mechanism)

Ear hooks are useful for reducing touch noise, and when worn, the unpleasant rumbling noise (cable touch noise) generated by the contact between the cable and the body while walking is dramatically reduced. Our traditional earhooks are slimmer than regular earhooks, have less foreign body sensation than cables with wire or resin, and feature the comfort of forgetting to hang them. This time, we have added a new cable lock mechanism.

Original earpieces with different colors on the left and right axes

Two types of silicon materials with different hardness are used for the sound conduit part and the part that touches the ear.
The sound conduit part is made of silicon, which has a higher hardness than the part that touches the ear, and is grooved to achieve both strength and flexibility.
Low hardness silicone is used for the parts that come into contact with the ears to achieve comfortable wearing and high sound insulation.
By setting the shaft color to gray on one side and red on the other side, you can easily distinguish left and right even in a dim place by turning the earpiece a little and checking the shaft color of the earpiece. In addition, the axis colors of the adjacent sizes are different (the gray axis alternates between dark gray and light gray, and the red axis alternates between red and pink), making it easier to determine the size.
There are 5 sizes, SS / S / M / L / LL.


Model number: FI-VR3DPLMB
Housing: ABS resin
Driver: Dynamic type
Cable: OFC cable
Sensitivity: 101dB / mw
Impedance: 18Ω
Mass: 20g
Code Length: 1.2m


Earpiece TYPE E 5 size, earhook with lock, dedicated pouch

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