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Final Audio x DITA - SHICHIKU.KANGEN Itotake Orchestra Earphones **Sold Out**



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SHICHIKU.KANGEN-Itotake Orchestra

Super-dreadnought earphone "SHICHIKU.KANGEN-Itotake Orchestra-" created in collaboration with Singapore's high-end audio brand DITA

"SHICHIKU.KANGEN-Itotake Orchestra-" is an unprecedented collaboration product in which two audio brands, final and DITA, jointly performed everything from design to sound creation.

Equipped with "True Beryllium Driver Gen.SK" newly developed by final and DITA for this model. For the cable, "OSLO Cable Gen.SK", which is a newly tuned OSLO cable using a wire coated with special oil, is adopted. In addition, the lacquer craftsmen apply "Shinkin", a traditional technique born in China and cultivated in Japan, to the housing design one by one.

"SHICHIKU.KANGEN" adopted in the product name is an ancient word that came from China as a general term for music and musical instruments.

Threads / Strings-Musical instruments that stimulate threads and strings and make sounds using the vibrations of the strings Stringed instruments
Bamboo / Tubes-Musical instruments that make sounds using the vibrations of the air inside bamboos and tubes Wind instruments

SHICHIKU. The name KANGEN is an earphone that produces a lively sound as if there is an instrument right there and a performer, and like an instrument that fits in your hand every time you play music. , We hope that you will use this product enthusiastically for a long time.


Joint development with final and DITA

In 2015, DITA became final's sole agent in Southeast Asia, and the relationship between the two companies started. Both have a lot in common as a brand, such as "a place where we are particular about making sounds and developing dynamic drivers in-house" and "a place where we are very particular about materials and develop their processing methods in-house". Naturally, a strong sense of respect and trust was born between each other's products and teams. As a result, a deep relationship was built beyond the relationship of a mere agency. After that, final became the sole distributor of DITA in Japan, and the prototypes of the flagship earphones A8000 (final) and DreamXLS (DITA) of both companies were completed in early 2019. The project of this product "SHICHIKU.KANGEN-Itotake Orchestra-" started because both engineers highly evaluated each other's products.

<About DITA>

DITA is a high-end audio brand in Singapore.

Founded in 1971, its parent company, Package, designs and manufactures large-scale plastic packaging machines. Therefore, we have been good at resin molding know-how since our founding, and that technology is utilized in the molding of diaphragms of dynamic drivers.

So far, we have released many earphones that are particular about the dynamic driver single configuration, and continue to attract fans in Japan and overseas.

Housing design with traditional technique "Shinkin"

"Shinkin" is a decorative technique in which a pattern is carved on the surface of lacquer ware with a special knife (Shinkin sword), lacquer is applied, and gold leaf and gold powder are applied repeatedly. .. After the lacquer has dried, the surrounding gold leaf or gold powder is wiped off, leaving the gold powder only on the engraved pattern, creating a beautiful and delicate pattern. When gold sinks into lacquer, a beautiful pattern emerges, so it is called "sinking gold".

SHICHIKU.KANGEN has a beautiful hemp leaf pattern due to this deposit.

In order to make this beautiful pattern shine more beautifully, the body color has been given a Roiro mirror finish. Roiro is one of the traditional colors of Japan, and is a deep and beautiful black color that looks like wet black lacquer.

Development of the latest processing technology and fusion of traditional techniques

Since lacquer ware is a technique applied to lacquer ware using wood, there is almost no precedent for processing it into metal. The material of SHICHIKU.KANGEN is metal, and the surface of the housing has a complicated shape including curved surfaces. It is a very difficult task to accurately machine a groove with a width of about 0.1 mm or less here.

Since the metal used for the housing is hard stainless steel, it is almost impossible to cut fine patterns with a drill. There is another technique called etching that dissolves the surface with a solvent, but it is very difficult to apply it evenly to the surface of a three-dimensional object. In addition, etching has the problem that the cross-sectional angle of the groove becomes gentle and the outline becomes blurred when lacquer and gold leaf are applied.

By developing a new special processing technology for this model, it has become possible to precisely process fine patterns on metal surfaces with complex shapes. The hemp leaf pattern made by depositing gold on SHICHIKU.KANGEN can be said to be a design realized by combining the development of the latest processing technology and the traditional technique of handicrafts handed down from ancient times.

Hemp leaf pattern

"Hemp leaf pattern" is a traditional pattern that represents Japan.

DITA has a strong interest in Japanese traditional craft techniques and culture, and has incorporated them into products and accessories. The hemp leaf pattern will be adopted at the suggestion from DITA.

Since hemp leaves grow quickly and insects do not approach them, they are said to have the meaning of healthy growth and extermination of evil spirits, and have been widely used as sacred things since ancient times in Shinto rituals, family crests, ukiyo-e prints, and kimono patterns. .. In the production of SHICHIKU.KANGEN, we hope that the friendship and growth between DITA and final will continue forever.

The hemp leaf pattern, like many other patterns, is not a pattern developed from the outer shape of the hemp leaf. The pattern, which was created as a pure geometric pattern based on a hexagon, was later named because it resembles a hemp leaf. This is in common with SHICHIKU.KANGEN's philosophy of fusing science and engineering with human lifestyle and culture.

Wajima lacquer craftsman

We asked a lacquer craftsman called a master craftsman in Wajima, Ishikawa Prefecture to fix the gold powder, which is the most important factor in depositing gold. Wajima is a high-quality lacquer producing area due to its abundant forest resources, and many craftsmen have been born due to the active production of lacquer crafts from ancient times.

The work of applying lacquer to the fine grooves of the hemp leaf pattern and applying gold powder to make it shine three-dimensionally requires high concentration and skill.

Pure gold powder

The real thrill of the beauty of Shinkin is the golden brilliance of delicate patterns. Pure gold (24K) gold powder is used to achieve the best brilliance.

The width of each line of the hemp leaf pattern carved by special processing is only 0.1 mm. In order to apply gold powder three-dimensionally to the narrow space, it is necessary to use finer gold powder and perform detailed work. To make ultrafine gold powder, first knead the melted glue and gold leaf together to make gold paint. By carefully kneading, the gold leaf becomes a fine powder with a diameter of 0.2μ to 0.3μ, and then by rinsing the glue with water, it becomes a finer gold powder.

Natural lacquer

A beautiful pattern emerges when gold sinks into the lacquer applied to the carved groove. It is said that this process has led to the term "sinking". By using the finest natural lacquer, the brilliance of pure gold is maximized.

Appropriate humidity is important for the hardening of lacquer. It is said that the ideal temperature is 24 ° C to 28 ° C and the humidity is 70% to 85%. Lacquer takes in oxygen from the moisture in the air and slowly hardens. It is said that in general lacquer ware production, it takes about 10 hours just to cure the surface, and it takes more than a month to completely dry it. Wajima has ideal climatic conditions for drying lacquer.

Equipped with a new driver "True Beryllium Driver Gen. SK" jointly developed

The true beryllium diaphragm used in the final A8000 has been adopted to achieve a "beautiful high range" that makes you feel as if you are playing an instrument in front of you, and a "sound with a good rise".

In addition, in order to realize another feature of this unit, "a wide and rich low range," we have developed a new design for the method of bonding the lead wire from the voice coil and the diaphragm. DITA, which has been good at complicated resin molding and processing since its establishment, has developed a bonding method from a jig that has extremely little effect on the diaphragm due to the lead wire and adhesive.

In addition, the voice coil wires and internal wiring have been selected to be optimal for the OSLO cable Gen.SK, which is a standard cable, and a new driver "True Beryllium Driver Gen.SK" has been newly developed with thorough attention to detail. And installed.

About true beryllium diaphragm

Beryllium has an ideal feature as a diaphragm, which is lightweight at 1.85 and has a propagation speed of 12,900 m / s, which is the second fastest after diamond. By adopting true beryllium, it leads to improvement of time response, the sharpness of the rising sound and the afterglow of the disappearing sound can be clearly felt, and the quietness between the sounds can also be felt. Beryllium thin foil is difficult to process, and engineers have had a lot of trouble to stabilize it as a product, but it can be said that it is a valuable material.         

* Conventionally, the beryllium diaphragm is a resin film coated with beryllium very thinly by a method called vapor deposition. Such a method is effective as an improvement method, but the characteristics of the film dominate, and the sound and characteristics when the diaphragm material is true beryllium are completely different.

Includes "OSLO Cable Gen.SK" newly developed for SHICHIKU.KANGEN

Since the sound emitted from the driver is directly transmitted to the eardrum in the eardrum, it can be said that the difference in sound quality is easier to understand than listening with a speaker. Therefore, cables are especially important in listening environments with earphones.

The base is a model using DITA's "OSLO cable", a wire rod coated with a special oil.

Squalene, which is taken from the shark's liver, is coated with an oil that is also used in high-end cosmetics to improve insulation, and gold and silver nanoparticles blended with the oil attach to the surface of the cable wire and make the surface surface. The smoothness enhances the conductivity.

In addition, dozens of types such as core wire thickness, number of wires, knitting method, and clothing thickness have been repeatedly prototyped and adjusted to the optimum ones. It has a double structure in which the wire is once sleeved, then woven and then covered with the sleeve again.

The earphone side terminal is compatible with MMCX re-cable, and the player side terminal is an "AWESOME plug" that can be replaced with 3.5 mm 3 poles / 2.5 mm 4 poles / 4.4 mm 5 poles according to the environment.


STORY BOOK, replacement AWESOME plug (2.5mm / 4 poles / 4.4mm / 5 poles), earpiece final TYPE E 5 size, earpiece final TYPE E soft 5 size, MMCX ASSIST BLACK, hard leather case, soft leather case, replacement Dust filter, filter replacement tool


  • Housing: Stainless Steel
  • Finish: Roiro Mirror Finish/Roiro Urushi Laquered Hemp Leaf Pattern
  • Driver: Dynamic Type (True Beryllium Driver Gen.SK)
  • Cable: OSLO Cable Gen.SK
  • Connector: MMCX
  • Sensitivity: 99dB / mw
  • Impedance: 16Ω
  • Weight: 47g
  • Cord Length: 1.2m

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Final Audio x DITA - SHICHIKU.KANGEN Itotake Orchestra Earphones **Sold Out**


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