Focal Utopia OFC Replacement Cable 4m

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Any mention of "us," "we," "our," etc is by Focal, not Audio46

This is an audiophile grade, ultra-low capacitance cable for the Focal Utopia to give a balanced connection to devices such as the Pono player or balanced XLR / TRRS amps.

Capacitance adds a small delay to the sound, which varies with frequency and can cause roll off, so keeping it as low as possible helps make sure the signal stays clean. With our ultra-low capacitance cables, the audible improvement over a stock cable can be heard and easily measured. Our ultra-low capacitance cables typically smaller connectors or up 90pF for longer 3-4m cables with larger connectors. This is still a significant difference between most stock cables

The cable is very flexible, fairly lightweight and soft thanks to the paracord covering. In addition, it is not prone to kinking.

Each of the four wire cores is made up of 84 strands of individually insulated copper wire, which gives a lower resistance than most OFC cables (so less insertion loss). The cable is hand braided, twisted from the Y split to cut RFI and EFI down. It also reduces the inductance and crosstalk you may get from a straight parallel wire setup. Silver solder is used to keep the signal path as clean as possible.

Skin Effect:
Any skin effect will have a negligible influence on audio frequencies as this cable is made from woven litz, with each strand only 0.07mm across. Essentially there is no skin effect until you get over 700Khz, well above audible frequencies.


Connector Type: XLR

Cable Type: XLR

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Focal Utopia OFC Replacement Cable 4m


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