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HIFIMAN - HE5se Headphone - Discontinued

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A classic sees a new life.


Impedance : 40Ω 
Sensitivity : 92db 
Frequency Response : 20Hz-35kHz 
Weight : 387g(13.7oz) 

HifiMan - HE5se

Limited to 500 units


Like the recently updated and re-release of the legendary HE6se a few months ago the classic HE5se will be updated and re-released in limited numbers.


An Original Reborn

The new HE5se re-imagines and updates the beloved original while retaining the basic elements of what made it one of Hifiman's most successful models. The nanometer-thick diaphragm is remarkably precise, giving the HE5se's planar driver a sense of space and sonic realism that is unmatched by similarly priced products.

All-new Hybrid Headband

Light and more adjustable for maximum comfort, even after hours of listening.

New 3.5mm Connectors

Angles at 10 degrees to reduce pressure and ensure a long-lasting link between the headphone and the cable.

Proprietary FocusPad

Featuring memory foam surrounded by pleather and soft velour outer layers that gently envelope the ears.


Impedance : 40Ω
Sensitivity : 92db
Frequency Response : 20Hz-35kHz
Weight : 387g(13.7oz)


“The HE5 is a sentimental favorite for HIFIMAN customers and staff,” said Dr. Bian. “For many, it was the first high-end headphone to demonstrate the neutral, transparent sonics and wide soundstage.


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HIFIMAN - HE5se Headphone - Discontinued


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