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↓ Details provided by HIFIMAN

Svanar HIFIMAN Flagship In-ear Monitor

Svanar is Swedish for "swan," a bird known for its elegance, beauty, and grace.

HIFIMAN devoted countless hours into crafting the Svanar's industrial design so that it is as comfortable as a custom-fit in-ear monitor.

The Svanar ranks among the most comfortable, form-fitted in-ear monitors. HIFIMAN's engineering team incorporated brass in the front chamber while using an aluminum alloy in the rear, so that the center of gravity rests at the pinna, which is the visible portion of the outer ear. This design enhances both stability and comfort for hours on end.

HIFIMAN took this path because research and consumer feedback show that placing the center of gravity outside the pinna, as many manufacturers do, stresses the ear canal, adding to discomfort rather than eliminating it altogether.

Copper Zinc Alloy

Brass Chamber with 24k Gold Plating

It is impossible to overestimate the importance of brass to music. Its resonant performance and overall density reinforce sonics by way of synchronous vibration. HIFIMAN designed Svanar with a rear cavity comprised of an aluminum alloy that brings the sonic benefits of brass to an In-ear monitor. The front and rear housing incorporate different materials to further enhance resonance.

The Topology Driver

The "Topology Diaphragm" or "Topology Driver" refers to the diaphragm with a special Nano particle coating applied to its surface. The distribution of the coating has distinct geometric patterns. By varying the surface pattern, compound used, the thickness or geometric pattern sound wave formation can be manipulated to achieve the desired audio effect and control.

The idea behind the new Topology Diaphragm was inspired by Dr Fang Bian's Ph.D. thesis that "different Nano materials have differing structures and each of those materials have its own properties". Therefore, by carefully controlling the diaphragm surface structure you can yield different results in acoustic performance to a degree previously unobtainable.

With Svanar, HIFIMAN takes a familiar product design and recreates it into something unique that stands out from its predecessors.

When the HIFIMAN team saw the ballet "Swan Lake" at the Moscow State Theater, they observed that the combination of a sunken orchestra pit combined with the secondary diffusion ceiling design resulted in an extended soundstage. In order to bring this experience to the Svanar in-ear monitor, the team developed a cavity that is optimized by a new algorithm, a phase-conducting structural design, and an earpiece that is supported by custom-developed materials.

The HIFIMAN team solved three problems simultaneously on one earbud unit: Accurate and sweet treble, high-quality, sustain-rich mid, and deep and steady bass, the combination point of the true balance is just at the golden section point where the frequency response intersects. It has the beauty of mathematics itself, and because it is inspired by the swan, hence the name of this masterpiece Svanar.


The cables packaged with Svanar feature the finest silver-coated crystalline copper wire, but users can easily swap and upgrade cables that are compatible with the 0.78mm pin connector.


  • Frequency response: 5Hz-35kHz
  • Impedance: 60Ω
  • Sensitivity: 100dB
  • Weight: 13g (excluding cable)
  • Physical Attribute: Topology Diaphragm 9.2mm Dynamic Driver

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