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iBasso - DX120 High Performance Digital Audio Player (Open box)

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Product Details from the Brand

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High Performance Digital Audio Player

  • AK4495 DAC
  • Dedicated USB SoundCard
  • Multi-Core CPU
  • 2.5 BAL/3.5 PO/3.5 LO Three Output Ports
  • Quick Charge
  • Hi-Rez PCM
  • THD+N<0.00028%
  • Native DSD
  • Mango OS
  • Dual Micro SD
  • 3.5mm Coax. (DoP)
  • USB Type-C
  • Ergonomic
  • Play Time 16hrs
  • 3.2inch   
  • 480*800 Resolution
  • OCA Bonded IPS Touch Screen

Full Synchronization Technology


Low temperature drift, low frequency drift, ultra low phase noise, frequency stability is lower than 1ppm.  With the full synchronized clock, the distortion is even lower and sound reproduction is more realistic. 

Full Balanced Output

Differential operation amplifier is used on each channel with fully balanced output design.

2.5mm balanced, with true mirrored architecture the distortion and crosstalk is lowered.

The New Mango OS

The new Mango OS is still based on Linux, but it has been greatly minimized, optimized and dedicated for playing music.  The GPU has been implemented for the UI to lower the CPU burden.  With the Open GL real-time rendering, the UI response has been greatly improved. 

The DX120 uses DMA to process background I/O tasks. This frees up the CPU, and allows the CPU to work better and more efficiently for decoding. This also enhances the response speed of the entire audio path increasing real-time functions allowing for close to instant real-time. Use of the DMA lowers the process burden of the CPU.

The Lowest Distortion AK4495 Player

The DX120 development focused on obtaining the most out of the AK4495 DAC chip. The specifications for the AK4495 show a THD+N of -105dB. In real practice obtaining this THD+N can be very difficult. However our engineers, through hard work utilizing intelligent design and research, have reached a THD+N of -111dB!

The Former Flagship DAC AK4495

THD+N: -105dB (Analog Block Power Supply 7V) DR, S/N: 123dB (Mono mode: 126dB)5.6MHz DSD Input Support

XMOS XU208 USB Receiver

With Thesycon driver, a full function USB DAC.

TI BQ25890 MaxCharge 

Support for Qualcomm &MTK PE+ dual quick charge. 


Phase Noise ≤145dBc/Hz(Offset 100kHz)Period Jitter ≤35ps rms

Frequency stability is 1ppm

The full synchronization technology has also lowered the phase noise.

Gold-plated PCB. Shielding for the digital section and analog section. Symmetric topology.

Dual Quick Charge & USB Type-C Port

The DX120 has both of the QC2.0 and the MTK-PE quick charge solutions.  This supports 12V, 9V /1.5A quick charge and compatible with 5V USB charging.  A full charge takes only 2 hours with quick charge.

In form and function the DX120 is like a fine sports car, fast, responsive, sleek of line with power to spare.  The Output power of the DX120 is up to 400mW with 32ohm load.  It is plenty of power. 


Model: DX120 high performance digital audio player.
OS: Mango OS.

DAC: AK4495.
Output Ports: 2.5BAL,3.5PO,3.5LO,3.5COAX.
Screen: 3.2inch 480*800 IPS screen with capacitive touch.
Sample Rate: PCM:8kHz-384kHz(8/16/24/32bits) native DSD: DSD64/128.

System Clock: Fully Synchronization Technology with TXCO and PLL.

Battery: 3.8V 3700mAh Li-polymer battery.

Quick Charge: QC2.0, and MTK-PE quick charge, support 12V、9V/1.5A quick charge and compatible with BC1.2 USB charge. 

USB DAC Function: XMOS XU208, Thesycon USB driver.

Micro SD: Supports SDHC & SDXC, up to 2TB.
Size: 63mm*113mm*15mm  (2.5inch*4.4inch*0.6inch)
Weight: 165g  (5.8oz)

Average Play Time: 16 hours. (The play time varies with different resolutions and headphone/IEM loads.)

Contents: DX120 player, Type-C cable, burn-in cable, coaxial cable, clear TPU protection case, tempered screen protector, quick start guide, and warranty card.


2.5mm Balanced:

Output Voltage:3.6Vrms

Frequency Response:10Hz-45kHz+/-1dB

THD+N: 0.00028%,-111dB (without load)





Output Impedance: 0.36ohm

3.5mm Single Ended:

Output Voltage:1.8Vrms

Frequency Response:10Hz-45kHz+/-1dB

THD+N: 0.00042%,-107dB (without load)





Output Impedance: 0.24ohm

3.5mm Line Out:

Output Voltage:1.8Vrms

Frequency Response:10Hz-45kHz+/-1dB

THD+N: 0.00042%,-107dB (without load)



The above specifications were measured by Audio Precision APX525, A-weighted. 

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