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iFi iPurifier3 USB-B Purifier

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Gremlins beware

Computer audio often comes with annoying noise and jitter.

The iPurifier3 is for anyone into USB audio who regularly battles with these irritating audio gremlins.

Never fear, let the iPurifier3 be your system’s white knight.

The white knight

The third generation and slightly larger reincarnation of the iPurifier measures just 69 x 19 x 20mm in its new, dashing white armour. Both Type A and B are available.

It uses iFi Active Noise Cancellation2 tech to decrease noise by 100x or -40dB in comparison to the common noise filter.

REclock, REgenerate, REbalance®

Our state-of-the-art REclockREgenarate and REbalance2® technology will get your audio back on track.

Put simply, it actively ‘restores’ the USB audio+power streams which eliminates jitter and ensures smooth passage for your music. REbalance® actually removes distortion caused by DC offset.

Dashing. Durable.

The iPurifier3 is set up for all future PCM, DSD and DXD formats. And it’s not just better looking on the outside, it’s been improved on the inside with updated components. No need to worry about upgrading for years to come.

It will improve your USB audio playback experience faster than you can say King Arthur and the Round Table.


  • Vishay MELF resistors – complex, costly but superior.
    These metal electrode leadless face resistors have excellent accuracy, stability, reliability, and pulse load capability. They provide optimal power rating and pulse load capability. They show some of the lowest noise and distortion of any resistor available in the market, period.
  • This excellent copper-alloy EMI shielding isolates devices and cables to block radio frequency electromagnetic radiation.
  • REclock2, REgenerate2, REbalance2® – cleaner, clearer music. The 2nd generation of this technology creates an all new signal, eliminates computer jitter and removes noise contamination to restore a ‘balanced’ signal.
  • Panasonic OS-CON caps totaling 5,410uF give very-low Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR), excellent noise reduction capability and frequency response characteristics. In addition, OS-CONs have a long-life span and its ESR changes little even at low temperatures since the electrolyte is solid.
    They are not often found in products costing <US$1000.
  • Tantalum capacitors are another example of the top-notch components we prefer. These polarised electrolytic capacitors have superior frequency and stability characteristics, giving them a super high volumetric efficiency.
  • Enjoy the silence! Our Active Noise Cancellation II® (ANC II) tech means that measured noise drops by 100x or 40dB in comparison to the common noise filter.
  • The good news is that it is ready for all present and all future PCM, DSD and DXD files without restriction. Your music is safe, sound and future-proofed.


micro iUSB3.0 nano iGalvanic3.0 iPurifier3
Primary use Home Home Portable
Who is it for? US >$1,500 systems - US <$1,500 systems
Separate audio & power ports Yes - -
Two sets of Dual ports Yes - -
REGenerate / REClock / REBalance Yes Yes Yes
Mains powered Yes USB-power USB-power
Auto power on - - -
Earth Yes - -
Iso Ground - Yes -
USB standard USB3.0 Super-speed 5Gbps (up to) USB3.0 Super-speed 5Gbps (up to) USB2.0
Output current 2.5A (total) Up to 0.9A (on USB3.0) -
Output noise floor 0.1uV (0.0000001V) @ 500mA load 0.5uV (0.0000005V) @ 500mA load -
Power consumption <15W (with incl iPOWER) <6W BS 7671:2008 ELV 3000 Vrms Isolation Voltage per UL 1577 Negligible
Weight 285g (0.63 lbs) 128g (0.28lbs) 33g (0.1 lbs)

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