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Product Details

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ProMission X Universal-Fit High-End-Monitoring

  • A high-end headphone from another galaXy
  • Universal-fit
  • 4-way system with 10 drivers per side
  • Easily replaceable cerumen filters prevent dirt from entering the earphone
  • Exclusive hybrid material
  • Every earphone is unique


The basis for our universal housing designs was created by digitally >>overlaying<< hundreds of different ear molds. At the end of the development process, the result was an InEar universal monitor that is almost perfectly adapted to the anatomy of the ear.


Each of our earphone models has an individual sound signature. In the field of in-ear monitoring, our motto is >>By musicians for musicians<<. Because especially when it comes to the development of new in-ear monitoring systems or further developments, we can, apart from the conventional laboratory tests, also immediately test all new products in live use.


PMX resin blue

A high-end headphone from another galaXy. ProMission X includes a 4-way, in-ear monitoring system with 10 (Roman X) drivers per side. Our new masterpiece captivates through its eXtra portion of powerfully clear bass. The transparent and, at the same time, warm middles support its impressive spatiality. Its crystal-clear trebles sound like they’re from another star. The housing design is based on our tried-and-true universal fit, which was generated through hundreds of ear impressions. Initially, the model will be available in standard size. The eXclusive hybrid material made of jet-black violet wood and acrylic in shimmering mother-of-pearl sky-blue (resin blue) provide for special aesthetics and also establish an optical analogy to the universe. This headphone isn’t just for the pros of the audiophile world – it’s for anyone who wants sound that is out of this world. Immerse yourself with us in the infinite world of sound. ProMission X - hear the difference! Every earphone is unique. Wood is a natural material - color and texture variation may occur.

PMX resin violet

Hybrid material: resin violet

PMX resin red

Hybrid material: resin red


All products of our ProMission X series are available as an option in the smaller housing size >>small<<. For the perfect fit even in smaller ears.

In the Box

  • 4 pairs of silicone ear tips (sizes XS, S, M and L)
  • 3 pairs of Comply TS400 foam tips (sizes S, M and L)
  • SpinFit-Set
  • Gold-plated adapter (3.5 mm to 6.3 mm jack)
  • 3 cleaning cloths
  • InEar Hardcase IE13
  • Cerumen filter set H3
  • Cerumen stick
  • Drying capsule
  • User manual


System 4-way system with 10 drivers per side
Transmission range 10 Hz – 20000 Hz
Output sound pressure 120 dB
Impedance 10 ohms
Cable length 140 cm / (4´7.5´´)
Hybrid material resin (unique)
Housing Available as an option in the smaller housing size >>small<<.

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