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Product Details

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Closed-back Dynamic headphones

These headphones employ elements of the technology that was developed for our acclaimed Rognir model, although they have their own features and unique identity that set them apart from the rest of our range. Whilst they are on the market at a lower price point than Rognir, the integrity of the sound they reproduce is preserved.

As is the case with all of the products we offer at Kennerton, these headphones can be customized to suit the needs of any audiophile. Nonetheless, Rognir Dynamic components have been handcrafted with incredible attention to detail, and they come together as a whole to produce an aesthetic, and more importantly sonic, masterpiece.

Note: Due to specific nature of every piece of wood each pair of wood cups can not correspond precisely to the photo on the website.


These headphones provide an open-back, planar-magnetic sound, and this is remarkable for two reasons: firstly, Rognir Dynamic are closed-back headphones, and secondly, they use dynamic rather than planar magnetic drivers. This is something of a new departure here at Kennerton, as Rognir Dynamic is our first pair of flagship headphones equipped with dynamic drivers. Ultimately, choosing between headphones equipped with these two types of drivers comes down to personal preference, and the difference in drivers inevitably leads to an accentuation of different elements of sound. Those fitted in Rognir Dynamic are 50mm dynamic drivers with ultra-lightweight diaphragms coated with graphene. The use of graphene allows for smooth and easy cone movement, and the cones’ stiffness means that they can oscillate without bending. The result of these innovations is impressively low levels of distortion when reproducing sound. In addition, the low mass and high internal damping seen in these drivers increase the response time to incoming signals and minimize additional resonances produced respectively. These key features allow the headphones to generate a rich, vivid and transparent sound with perfectly even imaging distribution.

A further benefit of dynamic drivers is the reduction of sound leakage. The bi-directional movement of the diaphragm and the two opposing magnetic fields in a planar magnetic driver often push some of the sound outwards as leakage, whereas the use of only one magnetic field in a dynamic driver means that this does not happen to nearly the same extent with Rognir Dynamic.

The desire to minimise leakage is one of the key factors that leads audiophiles to opt for a closed-back rather than open-back pair of headphones. These headphones are perfect for use everywhere and anywhere outside of the home, in situations where leakage may disturb others, such as when travelling, or simply for use in the studio. As such, we decided that loading our new Rognir Dynamic model with dynamic drivers made perfect sense.


Rognir Dynamic is equipped with unique 50mm drivers using ultra-lightweight graphene-coated diaphragms. They offer great sensitivity, while reducing unwanted resonance and distortion. Its audio performance is then carefully tuned by our Russian engineers to ensure that nothing falls below excellence.

Low mass: Increases the response time to an incoming signal, while minimising the decay time. The result is a rich and emotional sound.
High internal damping: Minimum, almost zero additional resonances produced. The result is a smooth and vivid presentation.
Excellent stiffness: Allows the cone to oscillate without bending. The result is a much reduced distortion.

The graphene-coated multilayered laminated film further reduces the distortion by allowing the cone to move easily in perfect piston motion..


The ear cushions also play an important role in preventing leakage, and those that accompany these headphones have been specifically designed for this model. The cushions themselves are made of memory foam, which is longer-lasting and provides greater comfort than normal foam. It also moulds to the contours around your ears, and as a result the cushions provide a perfect fit and seal. The memory foam is then wrapped in lambskin leather, which is both durable and very comfortable, and for this model we opted for unperforated cushions. Our intention is for these headphones to reproduce sound with as high a level of transparency as possible, and perforated ear cushions can have a slight impact on the sound. Consequently, we decided that unperforated cushions were the smart choice.


Shifting the focus away from the ear cushions and onto the cups, Rognir Dynamic are hand-crafted from rare and high-quality cuts of wood that we both source and cure personally. Each pair of ear cups is subjected to robust testing to ensure that they are of the highest durability.

We craft the cups from one solid piece of wood – this means that there are no joins on the cups where two or more pieces have been glued together. The treating of the wood is an intricate and delicate process that we have developed ourselves at Kennerton. We sand the wood by hand, before adding protective oil coatings, a layer of hot beeswax, and then finally a multilayer polyurethane eco-lacquer. We polish the wood each time a new coat is applied, and the result of this complex process are expertly-manufactured ear cups that are a sight to behold.

Yet our high levels of craftsmanship are not just cosmetic, but more importantly are highly functional.

To further enhance the sound quality provided by these headphones, we have carved our trademark sound labyrinth into the inside of the ear cups. This is a vital innovation that allows the headphones to reproduce a soundstage that is as broad, deep and intricate as an open-back pair of headphones, as well as affording the Rognir Dynamic spectacular imaging.

This impressive soundstage is generated due to the wooden crests that form the labyrinth inside the ear cups. They trap and deflect the soundwaves, and this prevents them from bouncing straight back into the ear once they reach the confines of the ear cup. Instead, the return journey of the waves to the ear is delayed, and as a result it appears that the ear cups, and thus the edges of the soundstage, are further from the ear. This is because the brain judges distance based on the length of time it takes for the sound waves to return to the ear. Consequently, this innovative technique significantly expands the soundstage created by the headphones, giving it a wide and airy quality with stellar separation.


  • Ear cups are made from valuable wood species.
  • The wood is treated with a special compound based on beeswax, which makes it fungus-proof and provides product durability. It also coated with eco-friendly varnish using natural ingredients. Note: Each pair of headphones is one of a kind, and due to the nature of handwork, slight variations in wood grain may occur.
  • All joints are made of steel parts, ensuring high durability and reliability.
  • As the metal grille is located right behind the driver in an open-back design, any reflected wave will interfere with sound. Thus acoustically inert Zinc alloy is selected to prevent and unnecessary resonances.
  • Old USSR military grade copper litz wire, terminating to a 4-Pin Balanced mini-XLR connectors, is carefully selected to bring out the best audio performance.
  • Luxurious lambskin leather headband and ear cushions ensure extreme comfort for long listening pleasure.

All in all, these headphones are the result of cutting-edge technological development, and simply must be experienced to be believed. By offering an open-back, planar-magnetic sound in a pair of closed-back dynamic-driven headphones, we at Kennerton have broken all the industry rules and standards. As such, we believe that we are offering something truly special with Rognir Dynamic.


  • Rognir Dynamic
  • High quality 2 meters OFC cable with 4-Pin Balanced mini-XLR connectors and Gold Plated 6.3 TRS connector
  • Soft Fabric Pouch
  • Сomfortable eco-leather case


Driver Graphene-coated multilayered composite
Driver Unit 50 mm
Frequency Response 10-50000 Hz
Sensitivity 116 dB / mW
Impedance 32 Ohm
Maximum Input Power 500 mW
Cord length High quality 2 meters OFC cable with 4-Pin Balanced mini-XLR connectors and Gold Plated 6.3 TRS connector
Material Dynamic Blue, Dynamic Dark, Dynamic Light
Weight 466 g

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