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Product Details

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Handmade Silver Cavity In-ear Monitors

Exquisite artistry in handcrafted silver casing showcasing the rich SHU cultural heritage.Solis 2 boasts a housing meticulously handcrafted from 925 silver, featuring an intricate feather-like texture expertly carved by skilled jewelers. The iconic "Golden Sun Bird" emblem, a cherished symbol of ancient Shu civilization, adorns the faceplate with meticulous precision using 24K gold and silver-plating techniques.

MoonDrop Solis 2 Handmade Silver Cavity

2DD(10mm) + 2BA + 4EST Tribrid Drivers

Solis 2 stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to audio excellence. Our relentless pursuit of sound quality perfection led us to handpick a meticulous selection of compatible drivers, ensuring an optimal audio experience. Specially designed dual dynamic-driver bass modules deliver an impressive mid-bass density and superb bass dynamics. Meanwhile, the balanced armature plays a crucial role in reinforcing the mid-treble, crafting a soundstage of unparalleled depth. The four Sonion high-dynamic electrostatic drivers add a touch of magic, providing crystal-clear treble detail that delights the most discerning ears. Prepare to immerse yourself in a world of fine details, enriched timbre, full-bodied resonance, and dynamic power.

MoonDrop Solis 2 Tribrid Drivers

Horizontally Opposed Dual Dynamic Drivers Unit System

The cutting-edge horizontally opposed double dynamic driver module showcases the true prowess of hybrid earphones, particularly in bass dynamics. Experience audio like never before with H.O.D.D.D.U.S. (Horizontally Opposed Dual Dynamic Drivers Unit System) – a cutting-edge technology that harnesses the power of dual 10 mm dynamic drivers, carefully arranged and symmetrical in design with the aid of 3D-printed modular components. The component form a physical band-pass filter comprising two independent filtering structures and damping devices, thereby facilitating acoustic adjustment. The symmetrical H.O.D.D.D.U.S. arrangement concentrates the magnetic field precisely at the magnetic gap of the two dynamic drivers, drawing upon the same principle employed in planar magnetic earphones. As a result, not only does it enhance energy conversion efficiency, but it also significantly minimizes nonlinear distortion. Each of the dual dynamic drivers is equipped with a flexible suspension diaphragm featuring a paper dome. The paper dome's high damping characteristics effectively prevent the dynamic driver from producing additional resonances caused by split vibrations in the mid and high frequencies. This meticulous engineering results in a seamless and natural timbre.

MoonDrop Solis 2 Dynamic Driver System

Highly Consistent Full-Band Phase

With the unwavering support of MOONDROP's unparalleled acoustic R&D team, cutting-edge software, and hardware, we ensure exceptional full-band phase consistency in our complex triple multiple drivers setup. This meticulous approach eliminates abnormal soundstage and timbre issues often caused by frequency division connections in most triple headphones. Innovative acoustic design and expert tuning for an authentic, open, and textured sound. The fusion of innovative acoustic design and expert tuning results in a sound that is truly authentic, open, and textured. Our commitment to excellence guarantees a listening experience that is unmatched in its richness and fidelity.

MoonDrop Solis 2 Full-Band Phase

Chip-level High-purity Copper Materials

Solis 2 comes with a versatile 0.78-2 pin interchangeable cable, granting users the flexibility to switch out the cable or accessories (like the MOONDROP Little White Bluetooth Neckband) to enhance playability. To fully unleash the exceptional sound quality of Solis 2, we have incorporated the innovatively crafted "PURE6" cable, featuring chip-level high-purity copper materials. The "PURE6" cable utilizes high-purity copper sourced from material refiners who supply these materials to renowned chip manufacturers. This copper is then subjected to a vacuum wire drawing process by the chip packaging and bonding manufacturer, ensuring that the cable core achieves performance levels approaching the theoretical conductivity value and exhibits superior conductive quality. Building upon this foundation, a carefully designed parallel shielding structure is employed to minimize signal loss and enhance the purity of signal transmission, resulting in an even higher quality of audio transmission.

MoonDrop Solis 2 High-Grade Materials


Driver: 2DD(10mm) + 2BA + 4EST Tribrid Drivers
Impedance: 10Ω+15%(@1KHz)
Sensitivity: 121dB/Vrms(@1KHz)
THD: THD@1KHz≤0.5%
Frequency Response Range: 7Hz-40KHz
Effective Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz (IEC60318-4,3dB)
Cable Jack: 0.78-2 pin
Plug: 3.5mm single-ended

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