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Noble Audio - M3 Universal Fit In-Ear Monitors - Discontinued

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Noble Audio - M3


The M3 is a new hybrid IEM that utilizes a 10mm dynamic driver for bass and a new type of driver that has never been used before in a a commercially available headphone. Noble calls the new driver an Active Balanced Membrane driver ("ABM driver"). Basically, a magnetic membrane "levitates" between two magnets in a static state, and electrical currents cause the membrane to move (see attached diagrams). Since the membrane itself is actively moving, without a voice coil, response and detail are greatly improved as compared to a dynamic driver. The dynamic range is greater than any single BA driver, and conversion of signal to sound is direct, rather than indirect (as found in a BA driver).

The M3 is hand built by the Wizard and each M3 will bear the Wizard signature. Every piece crafted is unique.


  • Driver: 10mm Tri-Magnet technology
  • Impedance: Less than 35Ω
  • Hand-assembled and matched
  • Sensitive enough for use with most smartphones as well as portable amps and DAPs
  • Detachable cable with industry standard 2-pin configuration (0.78mm diameter)

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Noble Audio - M3 Universal Fit In-Ear Monitors - Discontinued

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Steven Z.
United States United States

Absolutely Blown Away! 5%2B Stars!

I discovered the M3 on the Audio46 website, and I was charmed by the "3 magnet technology". There was an open box demo available, so I decided to stop in and check them out with my new Shanling M8 DAP and my Leonidas II cable, and man I was blown away! I bought the new unit. The initial out of box impression, as good as it was, revealed a slightly harsh midrange. I assumed it was due to lack of burn in on the "magnetized film" driver. Now, after 120 hours, the M3 is spectacular! The Dynamic Driver is "W9" like (aka Empire Ears). The bass is deep and rich and layered and detailed. Sub bass extension reaches low, and sub bass slam will rattle your teeth. The soundstage is DEEP, and rich. Overlaid on this, are the highly detailed and resolving mids, which create a sculpted and 3D soundscape. Soundstage is 3D holographic, and the treble has amazing detail, smoothness and air. The sound is coherent, and the bass is punchy. It is a fun tuning which seems to work for all genre's, and I pretty much listen to everything. Now granted, the Shanling M8 and Leonidas II is $2,600 worth of kit, but What I have been finding is that when I come home from work, given the choice of putting in my custom Valkyries ($1,700), or my Hifiman HE1000v1 ($3,000), I am choosing the M3! It is truly spectacular! The only caveat is that it needs high quality recordings to shine, but after burn in, mediocre recordings are fairing well to. In addition, the included 3.5 stock cable is really, really good! And I usually hate stock cables. I find using the stock cable with my custom Valkyries in single-ended mode is surprisingly good! The M3 is little known in audiophile circles; there is not much written about it and reviews are rare. But for the audiophile in-the-know, I would RUN to these! I emailed Jim Noble about the technology, and the "active membrane' driver was described as "magnetized film". Hmm... is that like 'planar'? I suppose it is planar-like, making this a hybrid Dynamic driver, planar driver hybrid, which is brilliant and freaking cool! I am in love with these things. Plus they are light and comfortable and beautiful!

Audio46 Noble Audio - M3 Universal Fit In-Ear Monitors (Clearance Sale) ReviewAudio46 Noble Audio - M3 Universal Fit In-Ear Monitors (Clearance Sale) ReviewAudio46 Noble Audio - M3 Universal Fit In-Ear Monitors (Clearance Sale) ReviewAudio46 Noble Audio - M3 Universal Fit In-Ear Monitors (Clearance Sale) ReviewAudio46 Noble Audio - M3 Universal Fit In-Ear Monitors (Clearance Sale) Review
Robert F.
United States United States

Noble M3

Always enjoy shopping at Audio 46. They always have what I want. The M3 is a unique iem. The clarity is outrageous and fit is perfect.


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