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↓ Details provided by Queen of Audio

QoA Affinity

Cocktail culture Cocktail Culture

"Affinity" adopts Scotch whiskey representing England, dry vermouth representing France, and sweet vermouth representing Italy.

A balanced ratio of 1: 1: 1 to symbolize the friendly and peaceful exchanges of the three countries.

Social interaction is not possible without communication with partners, relatives and friends.

For parties and small gatherings, it may be a good idea to choose "Affinity" to increase intimacy.

In the future, Affinity symbolizes friendly interaction between people and leads to spiritual peace.

In other words, QoA believes that it is important to maintain the desire to "touch" and believe in the future, which is the origin of the cocktail name of Affinity, even in the face of current global difficulties. ..

Affinity tuning concept

Controlling emotions is not about suppressing them, but about feeling and confronting them.

It is said that emotions stay in the human body within about 6 minutes,

Unless you want to keep it in your mind forever.

If you deny your emotions, find excuses, spoil them, or fear them, your emotions will take root in your heart.

Just follow the guidance of your heart to bridge your soul and break through the turmoil many times.

At the end, beautiful flowers are in full bloom.

At the time of designing Affinity, QaA engineers, based on the recognition and understanding of QoA,

Partners, relatives, friends, and expressed in good faith clear sound in the straight between the lover, wants to provide the courage to people face with their heart, even while giving the peace by its own DLRC technology, as audio equipment The best tuning of.

Affinity sound character

The in-ear monitor "Affinity" equipped with a dynamic driver is different from ordinary earphones.

In addition to the smooth full-range connection and low-frequency texture, Affinity also focused on sound resolution and high-frequency dictacy.

By selecting the dynamic unit of the titanium-coated PEN diaphragm and doing dozens of numerical and scientific tuning trials, the sound is rounded and the sound stage is wide (bulging), and the bass range is fast transient and high density. We have achieved the goal of creatively integrating these features.

In addition, QoA uses a hearing test and a measuring instrument test through its own trials to independently develop and implement a stainless steel HF acoustic tube with appropriate density, length, and purity to extend the high frequency range. Has been expanded to further expand the sound stage.

You can experience a wide sound stage (music space) with a gorgeous, transparent and musical sound as a whole under the bass tuning of QoA, which is hard to get tired of listening.

About the shape of the Affinity shell

We have established a shell shape model using actual ear-shaped sampling of many, diversity, and multiple races.

The shape of the acoustic cavity meets the requirements of the acoustic structure while providing a more comfortable fit.

Made by an accurate DPL3D printing process, the accuracy of DPL3D printing is greatly improved compared to traditional manufacturing techniques .

The external and internal structures are more accurate and stable

It achieves consistency that was difficult with conventional mass production with molds.

Affinity shell material

Lightweight UV resin is used for the shell. Compared to general resins, it has higher performance such as moisture resistance and deformation resistance, and can ensure the durability and service life of in-ear monitors.

10mm Titanium Coated Diaphragm (Diaphragm) Dynamic Driver (Unit)

The 10mm titanium coated PEN diaphragm dynamic unit uses lightweight and strong PEN material.

By applying it to acoustics, sound distortion can be effectively suppressed.

In addition, PEN material has excellent humidity and temperature stability.

It also supports various complex external environments. By applying titanium coat plating, the rigidity of the driver's diaphragm is increased, the response speed in the high range is improved, the resolution is enhanced, and the sound is played transparently and naturally.

Stainless steel HF (high frequency) acoustic system for dedicated DLRC system

Stainless steel HF (high frequency) acoustic tube, which is a technology in the acoustic field.

Affinity has named the DLRC system, which it has independently researched and developed, as an abbreviation for Dual Layer Resonance Control.

The DLRC system is an abbreviation for Dual Layer Resonance Control, and its major feature is that it raises the frequency of sound.

The sound is attenuated to some extent as it passes through a general acoustic tube and reaches a hole called a sound hole where sound is emitted from the tip of the nozzle.

The DLRC system effectively avoids this, suppresses sound attenuation, enhances spatial expressiveness, and uses high-purity stainless steel as the material to achieve a beautiful treble range that could not be reached with a general dynamic driver alone. And realizes a wide sound stage and realistic sound.

Uses a plug-in (2-pin female connector) with an effective life of 5000 or more

Affinity's 2Pin plug insertion part uses C5210 phosphor bronze material, and the internal mechanical structure is optimized to meet the plug-in performance requirements.

Affinity cable specifications

Material 5N copper plated with silver

Marshalling method 8 core 3-dimensional braided (8 core 3-dimensional braided)

Diameter 1.05mm / core

Strands 24 / core, total 192 / core

Cable skin material PVC

Plug 3.5mm cable, 0.78 2pin

Affinity uses a cable with silver plating on 5N copper, which is far higher quality than other companies' IEMs of the same grade, and while maintaining the mild and fulfilling characteristics of the copper wire base, the mid-high range transparency The magnetic coefficient is increased.

The combination of copper and silver provides an overall great listening experience.

The PVC protective coating is flexible and very easy to handle without touch noise.

Affinity eartips Includes 3 types of eartips with different acoustic characteristics

・ Eartips for vocals S / M / L Makes
 vocals stand out and faithfully reproduces the original sound

・ Eartips for bass emphasis S / M / L
 Enhances the bass range and provides a fun listening experience

・ Balanced acoustic eartips S / M /
 Provides more balanced acoustic characteristics among the L 3 types

QoA's sound creation is based on warm and comfortable sounds.

The product name is the name of the cocktail, aiming for beautiful earphones. QoA is mild in sound making and less tiring to hear, which is also utilized in this Affinity.

QoA Affinity main specs
Kyuoe affinity

  • Brand Name: QoA Queen of Audio
  • Model Name: Affinity
  • Impedance: 22Ω
  • Sensitivity: 99dB
  • Plug Connector: 0.78mm
  • 2Pin Plug Type: 3.5mm Unbalanced
  • Cable Length: Approx. 1.2m
  • Driver: 10mm Titanium Coated PEN Diaphragm Dynamic driver
  • playback frequency band: 20hZ-20kHZ

Main specifications of cable

  • Material 5N copper with silver plating (5N copper + silver plated ) Braiding
  • method 8 core 3-dimensional braided
  • Diameter 1.05mm / core
  • Strands 24 / core, total 192 / core
  • Cable skin material PVC
  • plug 3.5mm
  • connector 0.78 2pin

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