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After three and half years of hard research and development, tuning, innovation and breakthrough, Black Beauty planar magnetic wood headphone Aiva has finally taken shape.

Aiva is a work that has gathered countless efforts and sweat, including overall industrial design, material selection, acoustic solution to final production and etc. Even for very small parts such as screw and ear cups, all of them are self designed by Sivga Audio team.

Wood Housing

Sivga adheres to the traditional craft manual production. With selection of high-quality natural solid wood as housing material, the whole production process consumes a lot of manpower and time.

The processes are: wood selection - cutting - CNC carving - polishing - repeat painting & air drying. The wood grain and texture for each pair of headphone is unique.

Due to the complex process, great difficulty in processing, long time of production and scarcity of materials, it is bound to be produced in small quantities.

Ultra-nanometer Double Sides Composite Diaphragm

The diaphragm of AIVA driver is made of high strength and high flexibility material, whose thickness is only 3μ.

This ultra-thin material has ensured very clear performance for medium and high frequencies, as well as strong penetration and good dynamic characteristics, so it has a distinctive and outstanding sound quality.

It has good high definition, clear details, huge information, good tightness and wide sound stage.

Headphone Housing

All metal materials are made of high-end aviation aluminum materials, which are treated by special hard anodizing process with high requirements, so it is not easy to scratch.

The headphone shell is combination of zebra wood and metal parts processed by CNC. Zebra wood has excellent sound characteristics. Fish scale mesh and wood housing create a classic and luxurious design. It looks beautiful and elegant.


AIVA steel headband is integrated as one part, and the processing technology is complex and refined.

AIVA leather headband is made of high end suede, which is comfortable and soft and fits perfectly for all kinds of head shapes.

Ear Pad

Design: Based on big data for different people face shape, this ear pad is with unique oblique design, so it has a very good seal to ears and can be worn for long time without fatigue. This design is good both for comfortability and sound quality.

The space inside the ear pad is in oval design, which matches the ear shape, so it will not cause any pressure on the ears

Material: The ear pads are made of high protein leather. The material inside the ear pads is memory foam. The material close to face is skin-friendly velvet fabric, and it is soft and wears very comfortable.

Audio Cable

AIVA headphone is equipped with 6N single crystal cable, which is composed of stainless steel, wood, wire and plug. The cable surface has been treated by lots of complex process.

Package Content

  • Aiva headphone x 1pc
  • 1.6m audio cable x 1pc
  • Headphone carrying case x 1pc
  • 4.4mm female plug to 3.5mm male plug x 1pc



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