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Product Details

↓ Details provided by Shanling

AE3 Triple Balanced Armature Earphones

Sound For New Generation

Three Sonion Balanced Armature Drivers | Quad-Core Silver-Plated Copper Cable 3D Printed Shell | Triple-layer Polishing and Painting | "Starry Sky" Stabilized Wood Faceplate

Stunning Body Beautiful Sound

  • Triple Driver
  • Stabilized Wood
  • SPC cable
  • 3D Printed
  • Hi-Res
  • 2-pin Connector

Design: "Starry Sky" Faceplate

Inspired by the beautiful blue colors and brushstrokes of Van Gogh, we carefully selected pieces of stabilized wood for the faceplates of the AE3.

Stabilized Wood: Stunning and Unique

Thanks to the special process of wood preservation, stabilized wood allows for even more exquisite designs than ever before. Offering wild mixtures of colors and shapes, with each piece being totally unique.

Surface: Nine steps to perfection

Apply resin, polish it all, add spray paint, polish it again, back to spray.... Keep repeating until the surface is shiny and perfectly clear.

3D Print: Unbeatable comfort

DLP 3D printing technology allows us to push the design of earphones closer and closer to the ideal fit. Thanks to the database with scans of human ears and our extensive testing, we are able to create a universal design fitting even higher number of users, providing very secure and extremely comfortable fit.

Sonion: Premium drivers from Denmark

Danish company Sonion spend over 40 years developing and manufacturing high-precision audio devices for hearing aids and in-ear earphones. Providing balanced armature drivers to some of the best and most luxurious audio manufacturers. And now working with Shanling on development of the new AE line of earphones.

Drivers: Triple Balanced Armature

Cooperation between Sonion & Shanling

38D2 Dual Bass Driver

Vented driver with special AcupassTM damper technology, providing deep and rich sounding low-end, while keeping it all clean and precise. Balanced armature driver that will surprise you with its natural sound.

2354 Mid-High Driver

Treble well extended into the highest tones and with an extra airy feeling, thanks to the vented driver design. Midrange full of details, yet sounding nicely smooth and soft, for a long fatigue-free listening

26 Ω

110 +/- 3 dB

Tuning: Fitted to modern genres

We pushed the AE3 to provide a clean and fast sound, while keeping the overall presentation natural, smooth and just a little bit sweat. We believe it will be a great fit for any fans of pop music and anime or game soundtracks. 

Triple driver: Achieving coherent sound

Repositioning drivers, adjusting lengths and angles of tubing, splitting drivers from each other to prevent unwanted interferences. Our acoustics team spend a long time designing the AE3, making sure all drivers are properly integrated and produce one coherent sound.

Cable: Silver-plated copper

AE3 comes with a replaceable quad-core silver-plated oxygen-free cooper cable. This cable effectively improves mid-high performance and detail retrieval, making sound overall cleaner and punchier.

Hi-Res: Hi-Res Audio certification

With the frequency response reaching all the way up to the 40 000 Hz, AE3 were awarded the Hi-Res certification by the Japan Audio Society. We recommend to use AE3 earphones with the Shanling Hi-Res certified portable music players, to experience the full potential of High-Resolution audio files. 


  • Type: In-ear Earphones
  • Impedance: 26 ohms
  • Drivers: Three Sonion Balanced Armatures
  • Sensitivity: 110 +/- 3 dB
  • Cable: Silver-plated oxygen-free copper
  • Frequency response: 20~40,000 Hz
  • Cable length: 1.3m
  • Plug: 3.5mm jack
  • Earphone connectors: 2-pin 0.78mm standard

* Cable length might differ slightly
* Do not use alcohol based products for cleaning

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