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Product Details

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↓ Details provided by Shozy

SHOZY® Black Hole High Fidelity Semi-Open In-ear Monitor

The Black Hole is SHOZY’s most advanced In-ear design in Q4, year 2020, Co-engineered with KOOK™ Electro-Acoustic Engineering Lab from the USA with patented acoustic technologies applied. This compact, semi-open dynamic design utilizes various results from acoustic researches, and more importantly a lot of field tests and adjustment comparing the output with actual live performances at live halls and recording facilities. After more than 2-years of meticulous tuning and reshaping the team achieves an unbelievably realistic, extremely expansive staging that puts you in the middle of the show, extracting naturally the ambiance as well as lots of micro-details and qualities that are normally lost in portable audio reproduction while maintaining accurate positioning and extreme low distortion in all frequencies. No need to say, the background is as dark as a black hole as long as your outputs are clean.

Super fast response, minimal coloration and ultra-low distortion designed to capture details and energies of instruments

The Black Hole captures and replays the momentum and energy of instruments and vocal in the most effortless and authentic way. You can experience its power in details retrieval with grand orchestra ensembles that records a wide range of instruments with vivid, fast and layered bass attacks with far reaching treble. The sound-stage stretches effortlessly far and wide without compressing the height and making the vocal recessed. The vocal image is clearly positioned and centered with realistic reconstruction of the tone and energy, with very little coloration.

Technical Qualities Highlight and Acoustic Design

1.) Front section chamber design

Consist of multiple circular mechanical damping devices, the nozzle minimizes standing waves by actively controlling the formation of nodes. Similar to concert halls these are effective measures to lower distortion and coloration, allowing sound reproduction and diffusion to be more euphonious and pleasant. Without acoustic treatment, you will observe more muffled sound and distorted vocal imaging.

2.) Patented Multiple Separation Technology (M.S.T.)

A set of acoustic measures are implemented aiming at delivering extreme low distortion over a wide frequency range while withstanding high sound pressure levels. The implementation also promotes extreme smooth articulation and natural, fast response that is close to real-life sound responses. You will re-hear your music in the most transparent way without being clinical nor too flat in sound.

3.)  Ergonomically designed to fit all ears

The thickness of the Black Hole’s metallic housing is carefully calculated and machine to not stress your cymba / cavum. The compact size fits most people’s outer ear easily and the housing is a part of the resonance chamber’s design.

4.) High durability & Acoustic quality

The Black Hole’s full metallic casing is machined from high-quality aluminum alloys that offer high durability and fine acoustic qualities when properly shaped and assembled with the driver. High precision machining and processing are achieved by in-house machining and fine QC standards that ensure high stability in the assembly line and minimal unit variance.

5.)  Anodizing and finishing

After fine polishing, the surface of the SHOZY Black Hole is anodized to form a smooth, half-matte finish. This will be less prone to scratch and be reflective in an elegant way.

6.) Premium alloy are braided into forming the Blackhole’s stock cable with finely machined metallic parts.


  • Type : Semi-openback
  • Driver:10mm dynamic
  • Impedance:16 Ohm
  • Frequency response:16 Hz-24KHz
  • Sensitivity:105 dB
  • SPL:125dB @ 1KHz
  • THD (Total harmonic distortion):< 1% @ 1KHz
  • Color:Gloss Black
  • Termination:3.5mm/ Gold-plated
  • Cable length:1.2m

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