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T+A Solitaire P-SE Planar-Magnetostatic Open-Back Headphones

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Product SKU: Solitaire P-SE 6.3 mm/XLR


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Solitaire P-SE Headphones

The Solitaire P-SE is based on the Solitaire P, which in itself was a new and ground-breaking development, incorporating a highly refined application of the magnetostatic principle. Like all our headphones the Solitaire P-SE is of uncompromising design, since it was conceived with a single aim in mind: music reproduction in perfection.

From the TPM 2500 converter system to the headband connections every single component and sub-assembly is manufactured to the tightest possible tolerances using precision tools. The headphones’ construction employs various plastics with differing characteristics, selected according to function and specific application: the cups exhibit very high internal damping, the yokes and headband attachments are mechanically strong and extremely robust. The surfaces are finished in special top-quality lacquers developed for aviation applications. The sophisticated design of the TPM 2500, in conjunction with the magnet arrangement, the sound duct and the diaphragm, linearises the sound field and the radiation characteristics. Music is reproduced in its purest form: the Solitaire P-SE shows the music for what it is. Natural, totally faithful reproduction is the first commandment of all T+A devices.

Construction and Material

Many planar-magnetic headphones share the problems of low efficiency, very low impedance and considerable weight, and we were determined from the outset to avoid these drawbacks in our design. A crucial factor in this purpose was the adoption of a new approach to problem solving. We invested considerable effort in the design, and insisted on the use of the finest available materials. The headphones incorporate several close-tolerance sub-assemblies which fit together snugly; they can only be manufactured using precision tools to ensure that they meet our requirements for tolerances in the hundredths of a millimetre. The net result is consistently perfect fits. The ear cushions and head band are hand-made, and manufactured for us by a specialist company here in Germany. They consist of allergen-free synthetic leather and velours, and are specially selected to suit the specification of the Solitaire P-SE. Right at the development stage we laid the foundation for a very enjoyable wearing experience; contact with the skin is pleasant even when the headphones are worn for long periods.

Headphone Cable

In the pursuit of optimum sound the quality of the connecting cables is a crucial link in the chain. Ours are of symmetrical construction, with very low inductivity and capacitance, and designed with the optimum impedance. They consist of ultra-pure copper (OFC) conductors with a carefully defined silver layer. The four signal conductors are embedded in cotton threads, and permanently wrapped in a silver-plated woven shield. This construction isolates electro-magnetic influences, and damps mechanical resonances. The connectors are of the highest quality. The headphones themselves are fitted with special 3.5mm barrel connectors, which – like the sockets at the headphone end – are finely gold-plated, and exhibit zero transfer resistance. The entire cable harness, including connectors and splitters, is encased and sheathed in a single manufacturing process, resulting in an extremely robust, durable cable which remains very flexible The cable insulators consist of high-quality Hytrel® and TPE; these elastomers are free of PVC and latex, and are manufactured without the addition of toxic softening agents. Two cable sets are supplied with the headphones as standard: one with a 6.3 mm barrel connector, and the second with a symmetrical 4.4 mm Pentaconn connector which offers optimum transfer resistance for the best possible sound quality. As an option, a lead terminating in a four-pin XLR connector can be supplied instead of the 4.4mm Pentaconn cable set.


The Solitaire P-SE is driven by our in-house transducer TPM 2500. The TPM 2500 is a derivative of our flagship transducer TPM 3100, both are developed and handmade in Herford. The high-performance neodymium magnets of the TPM 2500 are made with an accurately calculated segment shape as well as being precisely matched in length to suit the oval outline of the diaphragm; this ensures that the magnetic field lines generated have a homogeneous course, and that no air turbulence occurs; the airflow remains laminar at all times. The precise design of the retaining rings and the magnet mount maintains the diaphragm’s position accurately in the linear part of the magnetic field, ensuring that it is able to generate high sound pressures without distortion and with an enormous dynamic range, virtually devoid of inertia. This design also eliminates the need for opposed magnet systems, helping to keep the headphones’ weight low. The diaphragm is able to vibrate freely in the direction of the ear cushions, since there is no acoustic hindrance between the transducer diaphragm and the ear. The diaphragm of the TPM 2500 itself consists of a special ultra-thin – and therefore ultra-lightweight – film material, coated with an accurately routed and calculated conductor array whose impedance is around 45 Ohm.

The open construction of the Solitaire P-SE avoids the resonance problems of closed systems, and allows the diaphragm to vibrate unimpeded; the music signal is maintained in its full, unadulterated form.


  • Transducer principle Planar-magnetostatic
  • Impedance 45 Ohms
  • Frequency responce 8 Hz - 45 kHz
  • Distortion < 0,015 % @ 100 dB
  • Maximum sound pressure level > 130 dB
  • Transducer size elliptic 110 x 80 mm
  • Type of construction Open, over ear
  • Connectivity Wired transmission, un-balanced 6.35 mm, balanced 4.4 mm Pentaconn or XLR-4-Pin
  • Material Thermo plastic, steel, allergen-free synthetic leather and velour
  • Weight 440 g excl. cable
  • Technical modifications reserved

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The New $4000-$6000 : King

2-15-2022 Dac : RME ADI 2. FS Questyle Master 12 TEAC UD-505 Amplifier : Ferrrum Oor - Box : Impressive..... Well designed...... Big. Cables : (2) is SE and one is your choice of a XLR or 4.4mm . Mine is the XLR.. The cables are nice.... somewhat thick, rubberized, feel good, and are not microphonic. Build Quality : Headphones are impressive. (German engineering never fails.).... There is some plastic and some metal. Headband adjustment is similar to the Diana TC., and slightly better. Comfort : Headband is comfortable. Cups are nice, not extremely deep, ears do not touch drivers. Weight of headphones feels modest, not heavy. Ive now tested the Solitaire P-SE with all genres of music that will examine their Treble, Soundstage, Low End extension, Midrange width, and overall Tonality & Timbre. As per my usual "mini" review, the headphones are taken out of the burn in time. I just take them out of the box, plug them in, and press "play". Below: is what im hearing as i listen to the T+A Solitaire P-SE ----------- Review. : The SP-SE's are musical, other worldly detailed and resolving, seemingly fatigue free, insightful, FR extended, and just very pleasant to hear. Ive never heard headphones that are created to offer this particular sound. It is unique to this gear. I can't really even ballpark the tone or FR, by saying...>"sort of like the Susvara", or "has those Audeze mids". It doesn't sound like any other headphone(s) experience, ive ever heard. What is so different about it, is the way it isolates all parts of the music, .... you could say... "instrument separation" or "sound field"....but it more than that..... Its the way this gear isolates everything that is happening in the MIX, revealing it all as a total musical cohesive examination. This incredible sounding German gear is a Big Sonic Gun, among what we think of as Flagship Big Guns. If there is a cleaner, more analytical sounding set of headphones that also sound musical, then i have never heard them, at any price. My initial concern was that the bass might be recessed, based on the scant reviews i found online that suggest that this was the case. Well, Nothing could be farther from the truth, as the SP-SE's Bass is very extended, amazingly detailed, and allows you to feel it, while the SP-SE authentic low end never encroaches on the transparent Midrange. Now, something to consider is that im using a Ferrum Amp that is designed to run the, this amp is power on steroids and offers a touch of warmth and depth. The SP-SE's Treble is total precision and revelation. The midrange is filled with insight, detail retrieval, and is never recessed or aggressive, yet its very promoted within the FR, and is just a Tot's Flagship Midrange experience. In fact the entire FR offered by the SP-SE is why the word "Flagship" is created as a headphone's slogan. What i have initially discovered that is most impressive about the SP-SE's , is that, across the board, this fine set of German engineering is absolutely created to be a straight wire from the music to your ears. Now....There is one aspect of its Tone that i noticed is dialed in from the Blue-Print sheet that allows the headphones to not only be a remarkable set of ultra-sonic straight wire microscopes. And its this... Readers....You who are playing at this $$$$$$$ level....and have the Susvara, and the LCD-5, and the Final Audio D8000 Pro, and the Abyss gear.....understand the term...."chocolate". """It has a bit of a Chocolate tonality...."" which means that somewhere in the mids there is a touch of darkness in the tone. The SP-SE's have this.....and it enlightens the SP-SE's Timbre with just a very light touch of of romantic lushness, which does not overarch the Gears pristine analytical sonics, but simply allows it a taste of sonic warmth. Final Analysis : This is a Sonic Flagship that is going provide a incredible listening experience to any listener...., but most of all to the Audiophile who wants 4-5 FlagShip sets that all deliver a very special listening experience.


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