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Product Details

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↓ Details provided by TRN

TRN Kirin Nano-grade Planar Magnetic Driver IEMS

  • 14.5mm Planar Magnetic Driver
  • Replaceable Tuning Nozzles
  • Magnesium Alloy Housing Forging the Momentum of Sound
  • The balancing Act Pressure Relief Vent
  • 8-Core Silve-plated OFC Cable&Swappable Plugs

14.5mm Planar Magnetic Driver

The TRN Kirin features all-new planar magnetic driver and acoustical inner structure-A marriage of Nano-grade planar magnetic driver and our custom acoustical structure. By combining asymmetric magnetic circuits and custom acoustics housing, our design eliminates distortion, provides precise imaging and produces transparent sound.

Replaceable Tuning Nozzles

The TRN Kirin earphone is the best of its kind, equipped with three gold-plated brass nozzles that can change the tuning of the sound. The inner diameter and length of the nozzle will affect the overall sound presentation. This innovative design provides the users with a choice to change the tuning of their earphones.

Magnesium Alloy Housing Forging the Momentum of Sound

The housing of TRN Kirin is made of CNC-machined magnesium alloy. This aerospace material is effective in reducing harmonic resonance, providing a rigid and durable structure. Kirin's sonic signature has been fine-tuned over time by TRN's team of musicians, sound engineers, and audiophiles to produce the most accurate sound reproduction possible.

The balancing Act Pressure Relief Vent

TRN Kirin's airflow control technology was designed to deliver the best performance in the class of earphones by equalizing internal chamber pressure through a specially-designed vent in front of driver assembly. This innovative technology results in a cleaner bass response, exceptional image clarity and superb detail retrieval.

8-Core Silve-plated OFC Cable&Swappable Plugs

TRN Kirin planar earphone is a audiophile-level IEM, featuring professional components and build quality. The 8-core silver-plated OFC cable is excellent in sound transmission and anti-interference. With swappable plug options of 3.5mm, 2.5mm and 4.4mm balanced plugs along with its comfortable ergonomic fit will surely bring you the best music experience at home or on the go.

The Origin of TRN Kirin

TRN Kirin was originated from an ancient mythical creature called Kirin. According to East Asian tradition, the Kirin is a wondrous creature, a regal animal, holy and highly-revered, and often considered a god in its own rights. The kirin is a chimerical beast resembling a deer or horse with scales like a dragon's covering its body. It has a head with antlers, eyes with thick eyelashes, beards and manes covered with brilliant holy flames. Kirin are beasts of purity and goodness, often seen as symbols of justice and wisdom. They are omens of great luck and fortune, and their appearance is often believed to be a sign of the arrival of a great leader or a wise man. The spirit of Kirin protects against evil spirits that bring misfortune to human beings and makes them live long. With that spirit in mind, TRN Team seeks to extend its philosophy a step further by crafting a product that offers both form and function. Designed with an eye towards detail, its unique surface and simple shape allows it to fit comfortably in your ear while its planar magnetic drivers deliver powerful bass and crystal clear highs. This revolutionary design produces very accurate and natural-sounding stereo sound with ultra-low distortion.

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