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Audio46's Opinion

Overall, the Edition 5 by Ultrasone delivers insane transparency and leans towards a brighter sound signature. The lows are neutral and clean, with ample detail and separation from the higher frequencies. The mids offer a full-bodied feel and remarkable clarity, capturing the smallest nuances in timbre and tone. The highs exhibit transparency without being overly fatiguing, (although, again, they lean towards the brighter side). The soundstage is spacious for a closed-back headphone, with precise imaging and a sense of height. And overall, the Edition 5 delivers top-class accuracy and cleanliness, while being delightfully fun, making it an all-in-one solution for critical listening and daily enjoyment.

↓ Details provided by Ultrasone
(Specifications and appearance of this product are subject to change without notice)

Ultrasone Edition 5 Unlimited Audiophile Headphones

The Bavarian headphone specialists have retained the excellent sound qualities of the closed reference model: the newly developed S-Logic® EX Technology ensures a unique spatial quality, produced by two titanium-coated 40mm sound transducers. However, with masculine lines and ruthenium-coated ear cups, the design is completely different to that of the Edition 5. Just like the limited editions, each individual set of Edition 5 unlimited headphones is handcrafted with meticulous precision in the factory in Bavaria.

555 – that’s how many sets of Ultrasone Edition 5 Unlimited Audiophile Headphones were crafted for the first, limited version. The reference model found delighted customers all over the world. An astounding 90 per cent of these handcrafted masterpieces were sold within two weeks. Renowned trade journals were unanimous in their praise of the “best closed headphones that money can buy”. With its unique structure, the bog oak used for the ear cups makes each model unique, and the uniquely soft Ethiopian long-haired sheep leather invites the listener to hours and hours of musical enjoyment. A milestone in the history of Ultrasone AG.

Unlimited Design

The Edition 5 unlimited is a brand-new version of the reference model. Visually, this new variant clearly differs from its predecessor: the ear cups, coated with ruthenium, give the new model a timeless and yet masculine finish. The discreet laser engravings on the sides emphasise the high standards that Ultrasone set for the manufacture of their headphones. The Edition’s tried-and-tested headband pad, which combines design and comfort in its own unique way, also adorns the Edition 5 unlimited. Although the new variant is not limited to a specific quantity, each set of
headphones still bears an individual serial number to clearly signify how many of this headphone model have already passed through the trained hands of the employees at the manufacturing facility.

Unlimited Sound

Audiophile music listeners from all over the globe rave about the sound produced by the Edition 5. A broad stereo platform and vivid tonal depth gradation turn both classical and modern music into a very special experience. Qualities that have been retained in the Edition 5 unlimited. When considering components, the Ultrasone developers took inspiration from the reference model and likewise used titanium coated 40mm sound transducers. Although the Edition 5 unlimited headphones are dynamic, with a closed-back construction, the treble range is uniquely smooth and
transparent. However, the closed design is equally good for the lower frequencies: the bass range comes across with absolute precision. In combination with the transparent mid range, the music is therefore reproduced exactly as the artist intended.

Unlimited S-Logic®

Ultrasone has implemented S-Logic EX®, a revolutionary development of the patented S-Logic technology, into the Edition 5 and the new Edition 5 unlimited. This innovation is based on a peripherally positioned, funnel-shaped arrangement for the sound transducer, oriented downwards to the front, which results in a much more spatial effect. The listening experience is practically indistinguishable from that of professional studio monitors and, unlike with speakers, is not dependent upon room acoustics. The main purpose of S-Logic EX® technology is to further optimise the already very impressive S-Logic effect. Intensive research and many years of testing
have resulted in this special arrangement of the sound transducers.

Unlimited Comfort

The Ultrasone Edition 5 unlimited combines the sound of a concert hall with unique comfort, allowing for hours of musical enjoyment for audiophiles. The closed ear cup concept, combined with excellent cushioning and light weight re-defines the term ‘wear comfort’. Ethiopian long-haired sheep leather was also chosen for this version, which ensures particularly pleasant contact with the skin. This is because it has a unique feel, and at the same time is so hard-wearing that even after years of use it shows no signs of aging.

Unlimited Passion

Every set of Ultrasone Edition 5 Unlimited Audiophile Headphones is handmade at Ultrasone’s factory in Bavaria. During every stage of the manufacturing process, precise and passionate hands take particular care that no mistakes are made. More than that, a comprehensive final inspection guarantees that every set of Ultrasone Edition 5 unlimited headphones provides long-lasting satisfaction. The Edition 5 unlimited is equipped with a detachable cable. To ensure the best connection possible, Ultrasone includes three cable variants: a 4m cable with a 6.3mm gold-plated Neutrik connector and a 1.5m cable with a 3.5mm Neutrik stereo jack. The remote cable, which is 1.2m long and includes a remote control with microphone, transforms the Edition 5 unlimited into an elegant headset for use with smartphones, tablets and notebooks. A high-quality transport bag and microfiber cloth are also included in delivery.


  • 1.5 m cable with a 3.5 mm Neutrik stereo jack
  • 4 m cable, with straight 6.3 mm NEUTRIK plug
  • 1.2m long and includes a remote control with microphone
  • Case High quality transportation bag
  • Weight (excl. cord) 280 g
  • Cable 1,5 m cable, with angled 3.5mm NEUTRIK plug
  • Principle Dynamic, closed
  • Specialties 3rd cable // 1,2 m cable with microphone & remote, angled 3,5 mm plug


Impedance: 32 Ω

Technology: ULE-Technology (Ultra Low Emission) - MU Metal shielding

Detachable Cable: Yes

Drive: Titanium Plated

Drive Size: 40mm

Frequency Range: 5 - 46.000 Hz

SPL: 96 dB

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