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Ultrasone Ruby Sunrise Limited Edition In-Ear Headphones (Open box)




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↓ Details provided by Ultrasone

ULTRASONE RUBY SUNRISE: The collector’s item

With the Ruby Sunrise we are introducing a sibling model for the SAPHIRE in a limited edition of 100 pieces. The Ruby Sunrise uses a total of six drivers for its four paths. Two balanced armature drivers reproduce the bass, two more each in the middle and high range. In addition, two electrostatic drivers work as super tweeters in the compact all-aluminum housing for the best high-end sound. The limited special model is characterized by a special coloring, which in combination with the noble logo emblems made of brushed aluminum underlines the character of a tonal and optical piece of jewelry.

Sunrise in the sound

As the latest gem in the ULTRASONE portfolio, the Ruby Sunrise uses six drivers for its four paths. Such a complex system naturally requires the necessary fine-tuning in order to get the most out of the material, just like processing a real ruby. For each earphone, two balanced armature drivers reproduce the bass crisply and precisely, another BA driver plays the mids and a fourth the high frequencies. In addition, two electrostatic drivers in the super-high range work for the special glitter that makes the Ruby Sunrise a unique acoustic piece of jewelry. These in-ear headphones offer outstanding high-end sound pleasure in a compact, mobile format.

Excellent sound with any source

The ULTRASONE Ruby Sunrise is technically designed to provide the best music enjoyment in every situation. So it can be used directly with any common player, but can also be connected to additional headphone amplifiers such as the ULTRASONE PANTHER – a high-quality amplifier serves as a socket that optimally stages the ruby. A first-class connection cable with gold-plated 2-pin plugs leads the music to the Ruby Sunrise. To optimize signal transmission, the acoustic gem can be equipped with an optionally available symmetrical cable. For a perfect fit, earmolds made of silicone and Comply ™ Foam in various sizes are included.

Exclusive design limited to 100 pieces

The aluminum housing of the ULTRASONE Ruby Sunrise shines in a color that truly lives up to its name. Like the sunrise over the morning sea, this listening ruby ​​sparkles in a warm, strong red. In conjunction with the logo emblems made of brushed aluminum, this noble finish exudes the nimbus of exclusivity. And rightly so: The ULTRASONE Ruby Sunrise is limited to only 100 pieces worldwide.

Additional information


6 driver 4 way hybrid technology


4 Balanced Armature Drivers and Electrostatic Dual Tweeter

Frequency response

10 Hz - 50,000 Hz


25 Ohm


106 dB

Inner ear pads

3 pairs Comply™ Tx-500 foam ear tips (S/M/L), 3 pairs SpinFit CP145 silicone ear tips (S/M/L)

electric wire

1.2 m with gold plated 3.5mm stereo plug, Detachable cables with gold plated 2-pin connectors

carry case

Stylish zipper case for storage and transport

Other Accessories

Cleaning tool

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