2020 Holiday Headphones Gift Guide: Best Deals Under $50

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2020 Holiday Headphones Gift Guide: Best Deals Under $50

Our headphone experts at Audio46 recommend these earbuds under $50 for the holidays in 2020. These probably are some of the best affordable headphone gifts. Please check out the list below. Also, see our holiday headphone deals 2020 page to find all headphone gift options.

AWA 101 ($29.95)

If you’re looking for the most affordable pair of IEMs we carry, then fret no more because these are the product for you. The 101 is a dual driver system, which means that are two drivers located in each of the housings here for rich, smooth, natural and very immersive sound. Each driver utilizes its own specially designed channel to protect from the distortion or interference that you some other dual driver systems tend to experience. 

The result is a balanced, accurate and full listening experience with deep punchy bass that sits nice and restrained under crisp mids and highs. The design is also simple and sleek, with a monochromatic black color, and ergonomic design for easy and comfortable use no matter how long you wear these. The 1-1 also features a sturdy non tangle cord that can control your music and call functions with compatible android and apple devices,


Strauss & Wagner SW - SPW301 Sport Wireless ($39.95)

Coming from a brand that always provides exceptional quality at great prices, this is a wireless sport headphone that gives you great sound and the freedom to move all in one. These secure around the neck with magnets and also have ear hooks to ensure that they stay firmly in place no matter what type of exercise you may find yourself doing.

The SPW301 also features IPX4 sweat and splash resistance and CVC intelligent noise reduction and a very convenient mobile phone battery display.  As for the headphones themselves, they can play music for up to 7 to 9 hours on a single charge. These  come with replaceable different size eartips, two sets of ear hooks and one line clip.


Final Audio E 1000C ($29.99)

The next offering is an earbud that utilizes cutting edge design to deliver sound that is unparalleled in other units of this same diminutive size. Constructed with the latest developments in acoustic engineering and psychological research, the E 1000C is dedicated to delivering the highest sound quality possible in an entry level unit. The sound here has an emphasis on being clear and well balanced, not overemphasizing any particular frequencies so that your audio sounds detailed and natural.

Tuned with the same acoustic and psychoacoustic principles used in Final Audio’s top of the line flagship models, these incorporate a very wide stage for an earbud, with precise layering and imaging to mimic the experience of listening to music being played live. The E 1000C features a unique swing fitting earpiece mechanism, and of course comes with a bevy of different ear tip options.  Other elements include a 6.4mm dynamic driver in each side, a thick flexible cable and a single button controller with microphone.


Audio-techinca ATH-CKM300i ($29.95)

This is another quality earbud on the list, this time from audio - technica. Fans of the brand will know that the sound signature of their products tend to cater toward those who like a little more low end, and these are no different. This pair of earbuds utilizes 10.7mm drivers to deliver an extra kick of low end power to your favorite music, regardless of the genre. At the same time, uniquely shaped brass stabilizers absorb unwanted vibration and provide clear mid-high frequencies. As a result, your heaviest hitting tracks will have a great amount of body and weight, but will still maintain clarity and detail as you move up the frequency range.

These also offer the other standard conveniences you would want with a practical pair of earbuds, including in line controller for music and calls, and a high quality condenser microphone built in. These features and functions  are all compatible with iphone and android devices. 


Topping NX1s Portable Amp ($39.99)

 The last piece of gear I have on my list is not a headphone, but rather a portable amp. The Topping NX1s is a high-performance, compact headphone amplifier with built-in gain and bass boost.  Despite it’s small and very convenient size, this unit has enough power to drive even some of the beefiest pairs of cans in your collection, coming in at 150miliwats @32 ohms.

This power house is compact enough to be kept secured to your smartphone and carried around in your pocket or bag. It was even engineered with this in mind, including a case designed to safeguard against the volume knob being adjusted while carrying your player on the go. The NX1s also features two switches on the back side of the unit, one of which controls your amplifier gain, and the other of which allows you to adjust the bass boost level. This unit features a standard headphone input and output, both of which use 3.5mm connections.

These earbuds also mentioned in the video below that you want to watch.

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