Holiday Gift Guide 2020: Headphones Under $300

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Holiday Gift Guide 2020: Headphones Under $300

Here at Audio46, we recommend these headphones under $300. These are some of the best headphone gifts for the holidays. Please see the list below. Also, see our holiday headphone deals 2020 page to find all headphone gift options.

Sony WH 1000XM4 ($278.00)

This is automatically one of the absolute best value deals we have available, as this is a very recently released product that is Sony’s premiere and industry leading noise cancelling headphone. Not only will these provide premium sound, but they’ll elevate your entire listening experience by allowing you to personalize and control everything you hear.

These contain QN1 HD Noise cancelling processing, Bluetooth Audio SoC and dual noise sensor to ensure distractions are no match for your music. These also feature atmospheric pressure optimization and adaptive sound control that can automatically adjust ambient sound to your environment. Finally these can upgrade your compressed files to near high res through the use of DSEE extreme and LDAC codec compatibility.

SIVGA Phoenix ($255.00)

The Sivga Phoenix was one of the most hyped headphones upon its release this fall, thanks in no small part to its modern and instantly classic design. Handmade from Zebra Wood and anodized aluminum. Beyond the stunning aesthetics, this also comes equipped with a specially made ultra thin diaphragm driver that gives the Phoenix some of the best possible bass response for an open back headphone. This means you’ll get all the rich and open soundstage that you crave with a big open back, but will still be able to enjoy the thump and deep rattle of your favorite hip hop, rock or electronica.

Right now the Phoenix is 14 percent off, providing an even better deal on one of the most sophisticated value headphones on the market.

Final E 5000 ($223.20)

The next offering is an earbud that utilizes cutting edge design to deliver sound that is unparalleled in other units of this same diminutive size. Constructed with the latest developments in acoustic engineering and psychological research, the E 5000 is dedicated to maximum detail reproduction without any specific emphasis on particular frequency bands, which can often lead sounds to become muffled or repressed.

This new approach creates a sound that is rich and produces a wide, enveloping stage heretofore thought to be unachievable in an earbud. These also feature a silver coated MMCX cable and stainless steel mirror finish to make sure they look just as good as they sound.

Grado GT 220 ($259.00)

One of many true wireless options on the list, these earbuds feature a pair of 8mm dynamic drivers to deliver powerful yet accurate bass, detailed mids and exacting high end frequencies. Grado’s sound signature is marked by a dedication to neutral, accurate sound. The GT220 employs Bluetooth 5.0 technology and codex comatibilies include Aptx and AAC.

These are also on the higher end of the battery life spectrum, the earbuds holding 6 hours of charge and the case holding 5 full charges allowing 36 total hours of use. The GT220 features intuitive and convenient touch controls for extremely easy use and listening.

Beyerdynamic MMX 300 (279.00)

This is a gaming headphone from one of the top names in the brand, who make all their products in Germany and only with the finest available products.

These feature an integrated high quality condenser microphone for studio level clarity and remote control panel on the cable that allows you to mute, adjust volume or accept calls. The earpads are also soft velour to assure comfort even during the longest of marathon or tournament sessions. These are undoubtedly the rolls Royce of gaming headphones and are now down to just 279.

Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 ($249.95)

These are arguably the best sound quality of any of the many true wireless earbuds available, packing Sennhesier’s top notch engineering and sound profile into a compact and convenient package.

Every genre from classical to rap to rock is given its proper treatment thanks to the bespoke 7mm dynamic drivers in each earbud which provide deep bass, natural mids, and extremely clear detailed treble. These also feature active noise cancellation and up to 28 hours of battery time. Furthermore, Sennhesier has an app in which you further customize the sound functions of your earbuds.

EVA 2020 ($249.00)

These are some of the most unique true wireless earbuds to be released in an already crowded field, as the designs are based on characters from the hugely popular anime Neon Genesis Evangelion. Beyond their top class look, these also boast exceptional sound quality thanks to the small diameter dynamic driver used in each earbud.

The signature sonic feature of these earbuds is the absence of a software based sound equalizer - a typically standard feature in units like these. This allows for a more balanced that doesn’t overemphasize low ends frequencies, and an overall less fatiguing listening experience. These also offer the most impressive battery life of all, allowing 63 hours of playback when the case is fully charged.

Shure Aonic 50 ($299.00)

This is Shure’s first foray into wireless active noise cancellation, and thanks to the recent downtick in ANC headphones, this is likely to be the lowest the price will ever be for cans of this quality. On Black Friday, these are coming down from 399 all the way to 299.

Now available in black, brown and white, the Aonic 50 features three distinct noise cancelling modes that can be accessed through fingertip controls. They also come with a cable that can be connected for a wired source, and can be powered for up to 20 hours on a single charge.

The Aonic 50 utilizes Bluetooth 5.0 technology, and a wide range of codex compatibilities, including Qualcomm® aptX™, aptX™ HD, aptX™ Low Latency audio, Sony LDAC, AAC, and SBC.

Westone W40 B Stock ($299.95)

This is another extremely sophisticated audiophile grade earbud utilizing a 4 balanced armature driver setup with three way crossover for a crisp and clear flat frequency response. This results in articulate lows, precise mids, and sparkling highs. The W40 also features a low profile and ergonomic design that make these some of the comfortable earphones you can get that also deliver balanced and articulate audiophile sound.

Audeze LCD 1 ($299.00)

This is another top notch reference headphone that is coming in at an extreme value, as it will be available at a whopping 25 percent off through black Friday. Engineered for critical listening both in the studio and at home, this is an open back unit that utilizes 90mm over ear planar drivers to deliver a massive frequency range - 10hz to 50 khz.
The sound is powerful but efficient, with little to no distortion, and unparalleled detail and accuracy. These are also lightweight, foldable, and covered with memory foam to make these the best value for anyone looking for a quality headphone they can easily take on the go.

To see all wired, wireless, bluetooth, noise-canceling and audiophile headphones and earbuds under $300 that we offer at Audio46 please check out the URL here.

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