2020 Holiday Gift Guide: Best Headphones Under $100

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2020 Holiday Gift Guide: Best Headphones Under $100

At Audio46, our experts recommend these headphones under $100. These are some of the affordable and nice headphone gifts for the holidays in 2020. Please see the list below. Also, see our holiday headphone deals 2020 page to find all headphones and earbuds gift options.

Strauss & Wagner ANCBT 501 ($99.95)

The first item on our lists is an over ear Bluetooth headphone with active noise cancelling technology. This headphone provides three different settings for noise cancellation: passive, where the only cancellation will result from your ears being covered by the ear-pad, environmental, where you can hear the environment around you through the headphones, or active which will block out all ambient noise. 

The SW ANCBT 501 has a classic black look, and a strong durable design which collapses to allow for easy storage and transportation. The ear-pads are also replaceable and made of leather for a comfortable feel no matter how long you wear them. These employ fast charging via USB type C, and will last for 40 hours of playback time on a full charge, providing a smooth and balanced sound profile. 


RHA True Connect ($79.95)

This is a high quality true wireless earbud that’s versatile enough to meet almost any need you may have. The design is subtle and stylish, with a monochromatic finish and simple shape that manages to be both aesthetically pleasing and very comfortable. 

The sound and call quality are also excellent, utilizing high bit-rate Bluetooth 5.0 that ensure that all your music sounds its best even without any cables. These can be powered by up to 5 hours with a single charge, and up to 20 hours total when utilizing the metal reinforced flip charging case. The case can charge up to 50 percent power within just 15 minutes.

Lastly, these provide easy to use smart controls to control playback and calls, and they feature IPX5 sweat and weather resistance.


Audio technica WS 550iS ($59.95)

These big over ear headphones are specially designed with one goal in mind: BASS. These cans utilize 53mm deep motion drivers to produce deep, impactful and articulate low end to give your music the power and drive it needs - from rock, to hip hop, to electronica and everything in between.

While these are tailored to bass heads, the other frequency ranges are also given the hifi treatment and retain high levels of accuracy. Aluminum finishing on the housing allows for an anti vibration mechanic that makes highs and mids crystal clear.  Playback is also easy to control using an inline remote to pause, play, rewind and skip on compatible apple or android devices. You can also use this to control all your calls. Finally, these feature a swivel design for easy collapsing.


Grado SR80E ($99.00)

Straight from a company in our backyard in Brooklyn, New York, this headphone from Grado is a great value for the sheer amount of technology and craftsmanship on display. Starting with a 4 conductor cable and gold plated mini gold plated mini plug, this is a headphone that uses fine materials all the way around in pursuit of delivering the best sound possible.

A specially designed features a unique polymer to dampen resonant distortion in the plastic open backed housing in order to virtually eliminate all transient distortion. The sound features a tight and controlled quality at the upper and lower extremes of the frequency range, and Grado’s trademark smooth and natural mids are given ample room to shine. The sound signature abounds with warm harmonic colors, rich vocals, exacting dynamics, a full bodied and smooth top end. 


Queen of Audio Vesper ($69.00)

The last item on the list is an affordable and great looking IEM from Queen of Audio. This is a hybrid unit, featuring a 10mm dynamic driver to handle low end frequencies, and a Knowles 32873 balanced armature driver for mids and highs. This allows for a diverse sound signature that can handle a versatile and wide range of musical genres and styles.

The shells are also small and ergonomic, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit without any unwelcome protruding. The housing also has a simple and attractive pattern, as well as an extremely light weight that allows you to get lost in your music without even remembering that you are them. Lastly, the cables use a silver plated pure alloy copper, a 3.5mm gold plated plug and a 2 pin connection.


Check out all wired, wireless, Bluetooth, noise-canceling and audiophile headphones and earbuds under $100 that we sell at Audio46. 

We also suggest these headphones in this video. Watch it below.

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