a-JAYS Four In-Ear Earphones Review

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a-JAYS Four In-Ear Earphones Review

a-JAYS Four

Today’s post is about one of my personal favorite headphone brands, a-Jays. Today we will be looking at specifically the
a-Jays Four. Be sure to check them out here in and leave a comment about them if you wish. Don’t forget to check out the video review and unboxing at the end of the post from Dave Cryer of, an AWESOME review site over in the UK.

This Swedish headphone company has taken a really innovative stance on design, from the headphones themselves right down to the packaging which is REALLY slick. Aside from the really cool design of these earbuds, they are known for an amazing sound quality, especially given their price. a-Jays In-ear headphones are sure to satisfy the desires of even a seasoned audio pro looking for a low cost pair of in-ear headphones. With a great price and a great sound and look what more could you ask for? How about a company behind the product that you can really believe in! that’s EXACTLY what a-Jays is. a-Jays mission statement is something that really resonates with us here at Orb as we believe there’s a lot more to headphones then meets the eye!

A few words from a-Jays…

“Our mission started out in Sweden in a small scale with a global scope of not letting go when it comes to stronger musical experiences in the canvas of all people’s everyday life. People are pretty much the same over the world and we all strive towards better in all things that we do and that we are. Our way of making better is to do exactly what we do, greatly enhancing the experience of mobile music.

We know that our fans and users makes a JAYS Generation, that always looks for better and expect us to provide it. Simply because we can, we keep it simple and develop advanced hi-tech in black and white at affordable prices in innovative award-winning products. We believe that the colour should be deep in the music and not in the surface. Since we develop our own designs, we don´t have to hide them. Simplicity and quality is always in fashion and we have a great love for music, art and innovation. Technology is just our means for making it human.

This is our way of passing on our vision to our respected users, setting a new standard on what to expect when expecting better. As all good things, we are a work in progress, but we have come a long way in a few years. We would love it if you would like to join us, proving that we are doing it right. Since without you, this would be nothing.”

Ready to Grab Your Pair of a-JAYS Four ?

Check Out The Video review and Un-boxing


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