Sol Republic – Orb’s Pick for The Best Headphones Under $100

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Sol Republic – Orb’s Pick for The Best Headphones Under $100

The Sol Republic Tracks on-ear headphones are possibly the best headphones under $100 on the market today. They are the basic version of Sol Republic’s Tracks line (the Tracks HD and Tracks Ultra) but that does not mean that Sol Republic has skimped on them in any way.

The Tracks are incredibly durable for their modest price. They are solidly built and the rubberized cables are tough enough to take whatever you have to throw at them. The headband is made of a nearly indestructible substance called “Flex Tech.” The headband can be twisted and pulled to your heart’s content and it will still snap back to its original shape.

Beyond the durability, the Sol Republic Tracks are beautifully designed. One of the great features of these headphones is that they are fully customizable. You can combine headband and cable color and well as sound engines. They come in both V8 and V10 Sound Engine versions. With so many options and combinations you can truly make these headphones and extension of your personality and style.

Good looking headphones are great but what really matters is how they sound. Both the V8 and V10 Sound engines deliver deep bass and high clarity and crisp vocals. If you are a hip hop fan the great bass sound that these headphones deliver will have you going through your whole library just to see how different each song sounds with these headphones.

Rock and roll tracks sound fuller and the vocals are clearer with the Sol Republic Tracks. If you are into electronic dance music you will find that the Tracks give you more of a surround sound feel. All of your music is going to sound better with these headphones.

With all they have going for them it is no wonder that the Sol Republic Tracks are considered by many to be the best headphones under $100. Grab a pair, customize them, and take a listen for yourself. You will not be disappointed.

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