AKG K167 DJ Review

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AKG K167 DJ Review

Holy mackeral. AKG’s brand-spanking-new K167 DJ headphone is a closed back headphone that offers an open sound sure to enduce eargasms. How much will this headphone set you back? Just 79 clams. And it’s worth the clams, but read my review to hear me gush further.

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For a while now, I’ve been wondering if I’m a closet basshead. But the AKG K167 DJ actually confirms this for me. And it may be the headphone that awakens the sleeping basshead in you, too.

Firstly it is surprisingly well-built, despite the low price. The headband is mostly plastic with aluminum extenders for a little extra integrity. But it’s also comfortable, with a liberal padding on the band and cups. The padding is leatherette, and when it comes to the cups, this helps isolate EVERYTHING around me, while simultaneously giving that bass a gentle nudge from decent to downright delicious. It’s also foldable, allowing for easy storage and transport. The only downside? The 4-foot coiled cable isn’t removable. At $79, this isn’t a deal breaker, but it is a downside and deserves mentioning.

Secondly, the sound is awesome. These headphones sound surprising open. Everything sort of lilts into my ears, while the bass surges and crawls up out of the low end.

Anything with bass – rock, electronica, hip-hop – sounds perfect. So much so that during my demo I could easily have limited myself to likes of Ozzy, Daft Punk, and Missy Elliott. So great is that bass. But don’t get me wrong! There’s some decent detail in there as well. We are looking at the very capable frequency range of 10-27000 hertz, after all, not to mention the low impedance of 32 ohms.

As such, you can get volume and detail out of these babies. Sure the mids, might be a tad underemphasized, and those highs might seem a little less detailed than they could be, but for $79 I’ll take it, and lose the contenders.

Because there really isn’t much to contend with the AKF K167 DJ in this price range. Not from DJ headphones, at least. And when it comes to sheer music enjoyment, you may find them more fun than a studio monitor like the Audio Technica M40x, or AKG’s own K182. Really, the only challenger to this headphone may be Audio Technica’s M50x, which would give you more detail and slightly less bass, with a removable cable, to boot. But at more than twice the cost of the K167, that’s something you should probably run by your wallet.

In all, this is an astounding headphone at a low price, sounding more open and detailed than anything at a similar price. For bassheads, a more expensive monitor may not offer any advantage, but for those seeking clarity and detail over an emphasised beat, there may be better options out there.

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