AKG K72 Review

by: Russell Huq
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AKG K72 Review

The AKG K72 is a new over-ear headphone without the unnecessary frills and accouterments of more costly options. What the K72 does have is one heck of a sound, paired with a low low price of just $49. Despite my preference for in-ear headphones, the simple fact that these cost so little while sounding so good has me contemplating the idea of buying one for myself.

The K72 is packaged simply, mimicking the headphones themselves. There’s a simple cardboard box, holding a bubble-wrap sleeve with the ‘phones inside. The only included accessory is a 1/4” stereo adapter plug that screws onto the end of the cable.

The cable itself is long – 3m (9.8 ft) – the perfect size for studio applications.

And with a frequency range of 16-20,000 hertz, as well as a simple yet capable design, this was obviously made for the studio.

The sound is detailed and rich. For $49, I was amazed at how good these sounded – there’s still a bit of compression and the bass and highs could be a little more detailed. But these “improvements” would push the headphone away from it’s economical price point, as well as it’s almost-neutral sound. Instead, the K72 can be considered an easier-to-drive alternative to the Audio Technica M20x, another closed-back studio monitor at the same price, but without the AKG’s 32 ohm impedance.

If you’re seeking a studio monitor on the cheap and want the best you can get for $49, this headphone is worth a listen. If you have a larger budget, you can peruse other models from Audio Technica or AKG, but the general philosophy will remain the same: simple build, good drivers, and great sound.

Those hunting in the same price range, but preferring a bassier sound, could also consider the AKG K67 DJ headphone. While sporting the same price, it offers a low end with just a bit more OOMPH.

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