Audio Technica M50x vs M70x: Which is Right for You?

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Audio Technica M50x vs M70x:  Which is Right for You?

While the Audio Technica M50x has made a real splash since it’s debut over a year ago, the decision to release an M70x had more than a few of us scratching our heads.  The M70x, it turns out, isn’t so much a replacement as it is another headphone with a decidedly different end-user.  So when it comes to M50x vs M70x, which one is right for you?

M50x vs M70x

audio technica m50x

The M50x

A lot of headphone forums and youtube channels are heavily recommending the M50x these days.  With a growing reputation for overall quality, it’s plain to see why so many are quick to jump on the M50x bandwagon.  Apart from some excellent and robust design, including a detachable cable, the M50x has a great sound to boot.

Music comes across as fairly even with some bass.  It’ not a completely distortion-free experience, but it is a quality-on-a-budget headphone for sure.

Who benefits from the M50x?  Beginner audiophiles and professionals who need a good monitor (but don’t necessarily mind the bass).

audio technica m70x

The M70x

The M70x is a more even-sounding headphone, designed without the extra bass and with less distortion.  Build quality is roughly the same, though there are more metal parts in the M70x, most noticeably on the forks.

With that expansive albeit flat tonal range, a more accurate sound is easily attained, thus lending this headphone more to studio applications and anywhere that a top-notch monitor is critical.

Which isn’t to say you couldn’t use it for everyday listening.  Indeed, the accuracy and build of this headphone make it a strong contender for anyone looking for a solid headphone, and who does not mind a lack of embellishment where sound is concerned.

The Winner?

If you have the money, or you’re the kind of person who needs audio fidelity, forego the M50x and get the M70x instead.  Of course, if you are on a budget, or just happen to be a more casual listener who prefers a smidgen of bass, opt for the M50x.

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