Beats Executive – Beats by Dre Review

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Beats Executive – Beats by Dre Review

Beats Executive – Beats by Dre Review

Beats by Dre is a popular brand of fashion headphones and one of the products is the Beats Executive. These are designed for the professional who wants to show off style, listen to music and look professional all at the same time. Already with a track record for style and value for money, the Beats Executive models are no different.

Sturdy Carry Case Perfect for Travel

Hate losing your headphones at the bottom of your bag? Fed up of the knots with the wires or getting them caught on other items? Beats Executive come in an attractive carry case that is durable and perfect for travelling; whether you’re commuting to work or flying for business. There are also aeroplane adapters and a cleaning cloth.

Comfort for Your Ears

There are leather cups that are soft to offer comfort for your ears. Unlike many other brands, these cups sit onto your ears, which may not be great for all, instead of around them to help lock in the sound too and cut out the background noise. For extra comfort, the headphones fit perfectly around your head without gripping onto the sides like a device. You can nod your head along with the beat and enjoy listening to your music.

The lightweight is also perfect for comfort, especially when on a long flight. They have been designed for long journeys specifically, perfect for executives who need to fly for business. You will hardly feel like you are wearing headphones or that you have been when you take them off!

Noise-Cancelling and Volume Control

One the side of the headphones is a noise-cancelling option. The button will mute everything that you’re listening to, so you can hear an announcement over the speaker system while flying, without having to take the headphones off. The downside to this is that your music will keep playing as if you were listening to it. There is volume control connected to the headphones, too, if you get to a louder or quieter song.

The downside to all this is that they are completely battery operated. Since they’re wireless, you have to keep them charged to listen to your music. The noise cancellation only works when your batteries are fully charged – and so does the ability to hear everything you are listenin.

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