Monster Turbine Pro Review

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Monster Turbine Pro Review

Engineered for pros and the audio obsessed.

With revolutionary new driver technologies, acoustic chamber design, sound isolation and cable performance, Monster Turbines deliver the big sound, power and clarity that you’d expect from full size high-end speakers.


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   Monster Turbine Pro Review

Monster Turbine Pro In-ear Speakers are a superb companion for any groovy tunes you would love to hear, allowing a high level quality of music with a large bass range so that the sound is rich, clear and round.

The Monster Turbine Pro – Gold – In-ear Speakers are designed with a low mass, and very wide bandwidth driver to deliver sound with superior accuracy. The engineers have designed the audio phones with an all metal design to ensure that all unwanted resonance is cancelled to provide pure sound. Additionally, the proprietary technology, Pro Sound Super tip is added with advanced construction to provide maximum sound isolation, while the rugged construction allows for heavy duty use without the worry that the earphone will break down.

The earphones are also adjustable to keep the earphones on place for users with active lifestyles. There are many more surprises with the Monster Turbine Pro – Gold – In-ear Speakers including the dynamic range of clear sound similar to the finest studio monitors and audiophile reference loudspeakers.

Monster Turbine Pro – Gold – In-ear Speakers have received rave reviews from professional musicians and DJs including Joe Perry of Aerosmith who thinks that  since his ‘mix sounded good on these ear buds the mix would sound good anywhere.’

Bobby Villa, the Grammy award songwriter and producer also thinks that these ear buds are great and even compares them to some great names with ear bud technology, ‘ I listen to a pair of Turbine Pros and they sound incredible! I think I like them better than the beats.’

Some of the reasons why professional musicians and producers have a liking for these in-ear speakers are:

The Monster Turbine Pro – Gold – In-ear Speakers are made by audio fanatics the demanding audio engineers and producers who are looking for a higher quality on their speakers. The great clarity, deep, tight bass and noise isolation for professional audio quality when listening r mastering make them an excellent choice for all.

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