Best Studio Headphones Under $30 – The Superlux HD681 Review

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Best Studio Headphones Under $30 – The Superlux HD681 Review

The Superlux HD681 Semi-Open Circumaural Studio Headphones

The Superlux HD681 Headphones offer an incredible value and rich sound for the roughly $30 price tag. With a super old school and almost utilitarian look to them these AKG looking headphones are more than just a look-alike knock off. They are actually every bit as awesome sounding as a headphone you’d expect to pay twice as much for or even triple what these cost. While unlike the HD661B from Superlux the HD681 have a fixed 8 ft. Studio cable which makes them slightly less ideal for carrying around, while their 32 Ohm rating DOES make them more ideal for mobile use than the HD661B.

Best Studio Headphones Under $30…or really close at least.

Ok while their not technically UNDER $30, they are really close, and $32.99 or $35 just doesn’t have as nice of a ring to it. What makes them the best studio headphones under $30? When it comes to studio headphones or headphones in the “audiophile” class…$30 usually gets you a replacement cable and a cup of coffee. Headphones of this quality are normally really expensive, and often you’re paying for the brand. After all, it takes quite a bit of money to market something like a pair AKG headphones, or for that matter Beats By Dre, who regularly spends BILLIONS on their marketing budget. For info on that check out Billboard. The thing with Superlux is they are pretty small, and really don’t do much marketing at all.

In fact, it’s fair to say that the majority of the money you pay for these headphones goes into their quality, not their celebrity endorsements. Instead The Superlux HD681 as quietly been making the round to top audiophile and Headphone reviewer sites like InnerFidelity, CNet, & Head-Fi and being met with praise and pleasant surprise. While some of the cons from these sites include their semi-open design not being ideal for loud environments, I have to ask myself, why this reviewer is picking on something that is CLEARLY part of the design, and intended for a specific use, that of a studio musician or someone listening to a Hi-Fi system in their home OR someone who simply doesn’t care if the sound leaks. Audiophiles and studio musicians understand that when they reach for a pair of open back, or semi-open headphones, they are IN for some leakage, that’s in some ways the idea! By not TRAPPING the sound in this little vacuum chamber between your ears, you’re allowing it to breathe and take on new dimension and life.

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