Contest Submission – Beats By Dre

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Contest Submission – Beats By Dre

Beats By Dre Review

By Suzanna H.

Ok. So I am a 60 yr old Nana to 15 some wonderful, some clowns,some aahh maybe grandkids. So I feel I know a thing or two about headphones. I have seen quite a few of these creatures walking and dancing around with the Beats by Dr Dre. Not only have I observed but I too have had these same headphones upon my head. Two of these strange birds live with us and have most of their young lives. So I have instant availability to said headphones. I would like to say that color defines how well they work, however we both know that’s not true. If so I would certainly suggest the teal. I do believe the comfort of the leather ear cups is a great selling point though. Not to mention how well they keep grandchildren from hearing their Nana telling them it is time to take out the trash or make their bed. Must make these puppies totally Nana proof. (maybe a different color?) I know one pair I have seen is way cool in the way they fold up and fit in their own small pouch. Of course everything fits in a pouch or a sak these days. In my day you wore giant black plastic thingamajigs over your ears and you LIKED it!! But I digress. Not only do they fold up into a pouch but they also come wireless. How convenient is that? Well until the battery dies I suppose. So these headphones come in a variety of way cool colors, conveniently portable and foldable. I’d safely say my grand kids or anyone’s grand kids, look hip and rad and way cool wearing said headphones. Besides finding a cure for cancer what more could we want?

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