Contest Submission – Shure SE535LDT

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Contest Submission – Shure SE535LDT

The Shure SE in-ear line-up encompasses the se112 up the se846. The series is designed to be accurate but also tonally pleasant. The se535ltd is an updated version of the se535. The frequency range of the earphones is 18 Hz to 19.5 kHz. The sensitivity is rated at 119 decibels, and the impedance of 36Ω. To retrieve the actual earphones and accessories, you must open the top section and slide it out.


With the earphones, there is a beautiful red color to the ear pieces. Depending on which variant you have, the earphones will come with either a black or white cable. Furthermore, the build quality gives you confidence that these earphones will last.


If you are new to Shure earphones, I recommend watching this video made by the company in order to ensure that are properly fitted into your ears.


Now, onto the sound. I have owned these earphones for six months, and my source was a Fiio E18 Kunlun connected to an LG V10. The songs tested came from Tidal and various CDs.


Compared to the se535, the se535ltd gives the treble more presence without being harsh or sibilant and gives tracks just a touch of sparkle. The bass is quite tight and good for an IEM and very well controlled. The mid-range, as expected from a Shure product, comes off naturally. Vocals are crystal clear and smooth, and instruments are very life-like. They’re simply pleasant and a joy to listen to. A good option if you’re someone who enjoy listening to music for long periods of time.


All of the sounds sound like they are emitting from within and around your head. Imaging is some of the best I’ve heard. Every track is distinct and spatially separated from one another.


That leads to the question: who would want to drop $549 USD on… “earbuds”? First of all, they aren’t just “earbuds,” they’re in-ear monitors. In-ear monitors are just tiny things that go into your ear. And that’s exactly where the appeal comes in. Do I find the se5353ltd worth the price? I do. But you may not. If you can’t drop that much money on these, there is the se425, which is less neutral but more relaxed. If that’s still too much, consider the Sennheiser Momentum in-ear.
So maybe these aren’t for you. But for some people, the se535ltd is a great buy.

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