Contest Submission – JVC HA-FX40B

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Contest Submission – JVC HA-FX40B


By, Mark H

Let me tell you about the JVC HAFX40B In-Ear Headphones I got in last month. Perfection at its core! First off, the distributor was so nice to send one package of 5 for $12.99 so I can leave one of these guys in every room of the house. Seriously though, JVC did a fantastic job with these budget in-ear headphones. These earbuds fit just snug enough in your ear where your ears actually feel like they can breathe a bit. The HAFX40B comes with a few ear fittings including an odd memory foam one that is reminiscent of being in a garage band with ear plugs. Nevertheless, whichever fitting you choose there is no noise coming out of the buds when they are in. Like all earbud though, they can get to be a bit cumbersome after long use compared to the cushy studio cans.


After a few hours of burn-in these little guys can pack a punch with a living, smooth hall sound. I have been listening to plenty of ska jazz and R&B lately, so I have been getting my fair share of dynamics in! The overall breadth of sound is limited, as expected for its price compared to my other studio headphones. I did try running a small headphone amplifier through it but it seemed forced through such a small space. These are one of the top headphones I have used for pushing papers and shopping carts, which was probably JVC’s intention with the HAFX40B. The nanotube chords are difficult to get tangled (imagine that?) and just have a good feel to them. Truthfully, I would pay more for these headphones and I am so happy I can enjoy such a happiness 5 times over. 10/10 would recommend.

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