Contest Submission – Sennheiser HD 280 Pro

by: Audio 46
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Contest Submission – Sennheiser HD 280 Pro

Sennheiser HD 280 Pro Review

by, Kevin D.

The Sennheiser HD 280 Pro in my opinion is one of the most underrated headphones on the market. With their neutral sound and lack of attenuation, they are perfect for mixing and mastering without coloring the sound.

These are in no way audiophile headphones. The 280 Pro does not have the shinny vibrant colors that you see with luxury brands owned by former rappers. Yea I’m talking about you beats. What they do have is unbelievable sound quality that is better than most headphones in their price bracket. They can even compete with headphones that are exponentially more expensive and hold their own.

This pair of headphones and I have been through a lot… From my failed attempts at being a musician and everyday gym usage, to my carelessness/ klutzy behaviors. For some reason my Sennheisers have not only survived, but they have also maintained their quality. I’ve had this pair of headphones over 7 years and used them every day.

Style wise they aren’t a colored accessory. The HD 280 Pros don’t have any polished or brushed metal embellishments. They are basic, black and big. What I do love about the design is that the ear cups swivel out 90 degrees so that I can wear them around my neck and turn myself into a human speaker.  The 280 Sros collapse on to themselves for transportation and storage, and have a long chord.

The only things I could possibly say about them in a negative light, are that they are a bit large for casual use and they do not have a mic. The lack of a mic is understandable with studio quality headphones. I have heard from some people that I seem a bit unapproachable with giant headphones on all of the time. Sure in the winter they make great earmuffs, but in the summer they are rather large.

Comfort wise, wearing the 280 pro is easy for hours on end.  I have heard stories from people having some discomfort with the pad on the band of the headphones, although that never bothered me and mine actually fell off a few months ago. The ear cups are made of soft leather( or leather substitute) and have thick cushioning. It’s like two clouds on your ears.

Power wise they are great too. They often double up as small speakers for me. At a high or low level there is crisp clear definition between sounds. Nothing sticks out, yet nothing is hidden or muddy.

My hope is that when I win this contest, I can have two great pairs of German headphones. One for when I am in social situations and don’t want giant headphones making me look scary, and one for the train, gym, and a beach time speaker.

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