Contest Submission – Beyerdynamic iDX 120 iE

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Contest Submission – Beyerdynamic iDX 120 iE

Beyerdyanamic iDX 120 iE Review

By, Scott D.

As a novice in the world of headphones, I will try my best with this review.

A 2 years ago I went looking for headphones. I was told by a friend of mine, who is a recording engineer, to look into German companies. The two companies I kept hearing were Beyerdynamic & Sennheiser. Because I was ordering them online, I didn’t want to spend too much on a pair of earbuds, when apple gave me a pair for free. Eventually, I decided on the Beyerdynamic iDX 120 iE ear buds.

Much to my surprise I was very pleased when I received them. Before this, I thought you had headphones and earbuds. And that all earbuds were bad, but they were better for an on the go lifestyle.

In design, the iDX 120 iE are made of a shiny black plastic with silver colored metal embellishments. They have an almost bullet shape, to them and the ear tips are made of a soft rubber. The best part about these ear buds was that they came with multiple tips and a carrying case for them. When I was able to find the right tips for me, I barely felt them.  They also had a mic and switcher built into the cord, similar to the iPhone headphones. So, I could use them where ever I was.

The sound is great I can hear the bass and higher pitch stuff so much more than I could with my apple earbuds. I find I notice more differences and hear everything clearer than I ever did before.

Price for the iDX 120 iE was a bit much for headphones, I think I paid over $100, but now you can get them a lot less. The adage was true, you do get what you pay for. I use them all day, every day and they still sound great. The iDX 120 iE are also fairly durable. I’ve closed my car door on them, ripped them out of my ears, accidentally stepped on them a few times, and they still work and look like new. Over all, I’m fairly pleased with the quality of these headphones.  I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a sturdy pair of earbuds.

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