Fir Audio e12 Review

by: Matt Wieckowski
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Fir Audio e12 Review
Fir Audio b12


FIR Audio, known for its innovation in crafting premium handmade IEMs, unveils its latest marvel: the Electron 12 (e12) IEM. Featuring advanced technology, the e12 promises a groundbreaking listening experience. Founded in 2018, FIR Audio has quickly gained recognition for its stylish and high-quality IEMs. Personally captivated by the e12's performance, I can attest to its exceptional quality. Priced at $1799, these IEMs offer a lot to enthusiasts. Explore the FIR Audio e12, available now at Audio46, and elevate your auditory journey.


Freq. Range: 20-20kHz
Impedance: 16 ohms
Isolation: -17db

Fir Audio b12


  • e12 In-Ear Monitors-Genuine Leather Round Case
  • 2-pin cable with 4.4mm balanced termination
  • 3 sets of foam tips
  • 3 sets of silicone tips
  • Cleaning tool
  • Faceplate removal tool


The e12's practical features ensure both durability and comfort. The machined aluminum shells offer a refined and sturdy feel. With a compact size reminiscent of the Frontier series IEM, coupled with a long nozzle design, the e12 guarantees ease during extended use. Personal experience with the stock memory foam eartips revealed a perfect fit and optimal sound output. This focus on practicality and comfort reinforces the e12's position as a standout choice in the realm of premium IEMs.

Fir Audio b12


Featuring a combination of innovation and practicality, the e12's design sets it apart. Its 12mm electro-dynamic driver, paired with the earphone chassis for bass performance, known as Tactile Bass, delivers deep bass frequencies. Atom venting controls air pressure for comfort.

Handmade with an aluminum shell, the e12 ensures durability and bass reverberation. It features a SwapX faceplate for personalization, with a default blue sea shell design. The premium-quality cable, like the Radon 6 cable, is flexible and soft to the touch. This attention to detail makes the e12 a standout in premium IEM design.


Throughout my thorough exploration of the FiR Audio e12, I relied on the iFi Audio GO bar Amp to unlock its full potential. After experimenting with various eartips, I found the stock memory foam provided the optimal fit and delivered a tactile bass experience, highlighting the importance of selecting the right eartips.

The e12's sonic performance impresses across the spectrum. Its bass exhibits depth and fullness, accompanied by a midrange that exudes natural tonality. The treble resonates with crispness and intricate detailing. Overall, the sound profile is characterized by richness, an expansive soundstage, and a holographic essence.

However, it's worth noting that the soundstage tends towards intimacy rather than expansiveness. Despite this, instruments and effects still occupy a spacious auditory environment, ensuring a captivating listening experience.

Fir Audio b12


In the e12 model, FiR Audio introduces groundbreaking "Tactile Bass" technology. This innovative approach utilizes the entire solid cabinet to enable bass reverberation, resulting in a textured and tactile sensation in the low end. The outcome is a fuller, head-filling bass, occasionally eliciting a bass vibration sensation for an immersive feel. During my listening sessions, I noticed that the bass subtly influences the mids, which might not suit all listeners. However, for those who appreciate richer lower frequencies, these IEMs are a perfect match.


The midrange of the e12 is remarkable, offering rich detail and clarity. It maintains a natural tonality and effortless delivery, creating a balanced sonic profile that blends seamlessly with the low frequencies. With a relaxed vibe and steady, natural presentation, the e12's midrange adds depth and energy to the music. Thanks to its exceptional detail retrieval and transparency, the e12 reveals the full spectrum of sound with remarkable realism, making every instrument come to life.


The e12 delivers detailed and crisp highs, perfect for those who enjoy a bright timbre. While the treble offers plenty of sizzle and crispness, it may be a bit overwhelming for some listeners. However, its clean and controlled presentation ensures a pleasant listening experience without any harsh tones. Vocals shine in this range, adding depth and smoothness to the sound. Overall, the e12's treble performance adds refinement and enjoyment to your music.

Fir Audio b12


Introducing the e12, Fir Audio brings forth an impressive and innovative IEM that pledges an exhilarating auditory journey. Its bass resonates with remarkable depth and intricacy, complemented by the crisp and radiant high frequencies that provide the perfect balance. The e12's design is not only visually striking but also functional, with tactile bass adding an immersive dimension to the listening experience. 

Atom venting technology ensures optimal comfort and sound quality, further enhancing the headphones' performance.

A notable feature of the e12 is the "SwapX" technology, allowing for effortless customization of the faceplate bezel. Its magnetic design ensures both security and convenience, while the inclusion of multiple foam and silicone tips offers personalized comfort and fit.

During my extensive listening sessions—lasting up to 7 hours—I found the e12 to be incredibly comfortable, and I never grew tired of their sound. In fact, their comfort and immersive sound made it hard for me to stop listening. The e12's professional-grade cable, featuring a 4.4mm balanced termination, adds a touch of sophistication to the package, further elevating its appeal.

Completing the ensemble is the stylish genuine leather round case, providing both protection and elegance for the IEMs. Overall, my experience with the e12 has exceeded my expectations, leaving me thoroughly impressed with its performance and design. It stands out as a top choice in the realm of premium audio equipment, delivering a truly exceptional listening experience that keeps you coming back for more.

Fir Audio b12


-Boasts robust bass when paired with the optimal fit.

-Offers lush midrange frequencies for a rich and engaging listening experience.

-Includes a high-quality cable for reliable audio transmission.

-Ensures a comfortable and ergonomic fit for extended wear.


-The intimate soundstage may lack the spaciousness desired by some listeners.

The Fir Audio e12 is available at Audio46.

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