Hi-Res Earphones With Balanced Bass – Final Audio E3000 Earphone Review

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Hi-Res Earphones With Balanced Bass – Final Audio E3000 Earphone Review

The headphone masters at Final Audio have two new earphones on the market, the E2000 and E3000. Each headphone has a similar design and look but have slightly different sound signatures to suit the preferences of audiophiles specific tastes. The E3000 in particular is one of the most talked about and favored of these two in-ear headphones and at a price of just under $55 there’s a rush to find out exactly what makes this earphone so good. Let’s take a closer look and see what the Final Audio E3000 has under the hood.

Design / Features

The Final Audio E3000 features a machined stainless steel housing with a shiny mirrored finish. On the back of the earphone housing is a unique stainless steel mesh backing designed to extend the reproduction of low frequencies while preventing excessive sound leakage with an inner filter. The E3000 also features a special flexible cable designed to reduce noise and offers a better more comfortable fit.

One other design feature worth mentioning in the Final Audio E3000 is a burn-in or aging time. Because of the apertures on the stainless steel backing, the E3000 has an average burn-in time of 150-200 hours of regular use wherein the sound of the earphone actually “sweetens” or improves.

Included In The Box

The E3000 includes optional earhooks that can be used to keep them firmly in place for active listeners. In addition, the Final Audio E3000 earphone includes a handy carrying pouch for storage and 5 sets of ear tips for the perfect fit and ideal sound isolation.

Sound Signature

Both of the Final Audio E Series earphones are designed with audiophiles in mind who are looking for hi-res sound at an affordable price. The big difference in the E3000 is the slight boost in the bass. This added boost gives extra life to music genres like EDM, hip-hop, rock and pop. As with the E2000, the E3000 hi-res earphone also adds a nice amount of soundstage that expands the depth of your music listening experience.

Final Review

In conclusion, the Final Audio E3000 hi-res earphone responds well to compressed and uncompressed / lossless files like wav flac and m4a as well as streaming files from services like Spotify. The compact size and stainless steel design make the E3000 an incredible audiophile style earphone that you can take anywhere. Music fans seeking balanced bass earphones will definitely find the E3000 to be the perfect amount of high fidelity sound without detracting from the overal mix. At just under $55, the Final Audio E3000 is an earphone that will deliver great sound without breaking the budget.

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