iFi micro iCAN SE – Hear The Power Of TubeState Technology

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iFi micro iCAN SE – Hear The Power Of TubeState Technology

iFi is one of the world’s best companies for portable and desktop headphone amplifiers. The micro iCAN SE is a 4000mW desktop amplifier that uses TubeState technology to create a warm and robust sound for any headphone. Let’s take a look at the features on this Special Edition of the iFi micro-iCAN amplifier.


Boxed along with the micro iCAN SE amplifier is the power adapter, stereo 1/8″ to 1/8″ audio cable, stereo RCA to RCA cable, 1/8″ to 1/4″ adapter and 1 small screw driver for switching the amplifier into different modes. We’ll discuss in detail how the screw driver is used in the Features section.


Turbo Headamp – The iFi micro-iCAN Special Edition uses a turbo headamp for 4000mW of output power to handle any headphone on the market. It’s one of the most powerful portable desktop amplifiers on the market.

TubeState – The micro-iCAN SE is a Class A amplifier and uses exclusive iFi TubeState circuit. In addition to the premium components like ELMA Simlics, ELMA resistors and COG capacitors, the TubeState circuit gives the micro-iCAN SE a true tube amplifier sound.

xBass and 3D HolographicSound – The 3D Sound and xBass functions have been improved on the micro-iCAN SE. You get 3 settings for each function to enhance your listening sessions. The xBass will boost your bass into the stratosphere or leave the switch off for a true frequency response. And the 3D HolographicSound will add soundstage and depth to any track.

DirectDrive – iFi has eliminated coupling output capacitors for a clean output signal. This circuitry design is unique to iFi and can’t be found anywhere else. You playback signal will remain free from added noise and unnecessary signal path.

Adjustable Output Gain – On the bottom of the iFi micro-iCAN SE desktop amplifier you’ll find toggle (DIP) switches. This is where the (included) screwdriver comes in handy. Put all 4 DIP switches down for 0dB output. Or flip DIP switches 1 & 2 up for 12dB output. And for more demanding headphones put all 4 DIP switches in the up position for 24dB output.

Input and output panels on the iFi micro iCAN SE TubeState Headphone Amplifier.


Premium Amplification and Sound

The iFi micro-iCAN SE can drive the most demanding headphone and put your music into overdrive in just seconds. Connect your smartphone or media player via the 3.5mm cable and boost your music with the premium TubeState circuitry. You’ve also got stereo RCA inputs for added flexibility.

The micro-iCAN SE is powered easily with the included power supply and the discreet size won’t take up much room on your home or work desktop work space. Just plug it in and you’re off in another world with the music you love.


Whether you’re listening to music at work or at home, the iFi micro iCAN SE will give you a warm, tube-like sound. Amplification is a game changer when it comes to headphones and the micro iCAN SE has all you need packed into a small desktop amplifier portable enough to take to and from work. The bottom line is you’ll get a well rounded sound combined with amazing sound pressure levels listening all your favorite songs.

Stop by Audio46 in NYC to hear it for yourself or purchase it online at the iFi Headphone Amplifier Store at Audio46.

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