Jerry Harvey Audio 13V2 Pro Review

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Jerry Harvey Audio 13V2 Pro Review

Here at Audio46, we often find professional in-ear monitors at lower prices.  Inexpensive but capable models like the Mackie MP-240 and the Shure SE215 seem to dominate this landscape.  And while Shure does offer the high-end SE846, ultra-premium in-ear monitors are still generally rare. Enter Jerry Harvey Audio with their 13V2 earphone.  At $999, this model provides ample entry to the Jerry Harvey Sound, but is it the right earphone for you?

The 13V2 comes in an ostentatious package, with the headphones clearly on display as soon as you open it. Inside, you’ll find ear tips, a cleaning tool, a miniature bass-adjustment tool, and a swanky storage case.

Designed for serious applications as well as music enjoyment, the bass-adjustment feature allows bass to be fine-tuned independently on both the left and right channels.  While relatively flat-sounding at the lowest bass level, the sound only becomes more driving and energetic as that bass is dialed up.

Packed with a whopping eight drivers, the 13V2 definitely opts for the “more is more” route, though whether that delivers a truly better sound might be a matter of opinion. The earpieces themselves rock Jerry Harvey’s own signature Triple Bore FreqPhase design, with a molded nozzle that EQs the sound as it travels to your ear.

And last but not least on the design features of this earphone is the inclusion of a Moon Audio cable with a 4-pin connection.  Measuring a standard 4 ft (1.2 m), this cable also uses a molded plastic screw-on collar to secure the cable to the earpieces.

Fit-wise, the 13V2 feels a tad bit bulky, but it isolates very well, so I’m willing to accept the slightly-protruding profile.  The cable seems fairly robust, too, though I personally wish it came with the near-universal MMCX connection.

Jerry Harvey Audio 13V2 Pro Review


Frequency Range:  10-20,000 Hz
Nominal Impedance:  28 ohms
Sound Pressure Level (SPL):  116 dB

These numbers reveal a fairly standard frequency range with a little extra low end – thanks to that variable bass.  With the bass dialed in to its lowest setting, the frequency range may actually sound closer to 20-20,000 Hz.  A low nominal impedance of 28 ohms will work wonders with a phone or laptop or any other source.  Finally, sound pressure is a more-than-adequate 116 decibels, so you should have no issues finding good volume under any circumstance.

Low End

The 13V2 sports a natural and lifelike low end.  With plenty of detail, the sound is clean with excellent fidelity.  Bass can be varied between strong with molar-rattling impact, to light and subdued with almost no impact (at the lowest bass setting).


Clean and detailed with no real faults, the midrange on the 13V2 sounds downright immaculate.  While this sound may seem a bit flat, the overall relaxed character never appears too forward-leaning.  

High End

Not bright at all, this high end actually comes across as quite smooth.  There’s still plenty of detail, and the high end in general gives an impression of fine resolution and amazing clarity.  


Soundstage comes in spades with the 13V2.  There’s a phenomenal sense of depth as well as near-corporeal placement.  The result adds dimension to any track, and it sounds so well-defined that simply closing your eyes carries you away to a whole new world of music appreciation.  

Other Observations

Isolation is top notch for the Jerry Harvey 13V2.  This earphone blocks out EVERYTHING. Your wife, your girlfriend, that friend you met on Tinder, even your hot coworker!  And things only get better when you take this earphone on your daily commute. Tired of listening to some crazy person telling a story about how they were the CEO of that company that made Post-It notes until their wife threw them out and now they need five bucks or a sandwich so they can get home?  Screw that noise. Pop these babies in and cue up some Sabbath.

The variable bass – and the fact that it can be fine-tuned independently on the left or right channels – is a slam dunk.  Of particular note is how clean and precise this base sounds, whether at the lowest or highest setting.

My favorite accessory may be the carrying case – a machined-metal case that looks like a can of shoe polish injected steroids and got a badass Jerry Harvey tattoo.  Speaking of which, I want that tattoo.


For high-end monitor sound, it doesn’t get any better than the Jerry Harvey Audio 13V2 Pro.  While the sound may not sound too clinical or flat, the overall nature of this earphone remains balanced and well-tempered.  The adjusted bass, more than an integral design feature, should be treated as an added dimension that allows the 13V2 to be used for plain old music enjoyment when the critical listening session is over.

If you want more emphasis in the mids and highs, I wholeheartedly suggest the similarly priced Westone W60 at $999.  For those who need more bass, it’s hard to recommend anything other than the 13V2 – just turn up the variable bass and enjoy some amazing engineering in action.

Final Analysis

At $999, the Jerry Harvey 13V2 Pro presents unrivaled bang for your hard-earned buck.  Packing a rich monitor-like sound in a premium package, these in-ear ‘phones also offer the perfect entry point to explore JH Audio’s signature sound.  But don’t just take my word for it; pop into our showroom in Midtown, Manhattan to hear these babies for yourself.

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