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Mackie MP-240 Professional In-Ear Monitors Review

by: Audio 46
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Mackie MP-240 Professional In-Ear Monitors Review

Reviewed by Gabby Bloch

I just reviewed the Mackie MP-120 and the MP-240. And both were great. So, I was excited to see how far they could push the sound clarity in their top-of-the-line model, the MP-240. With dual hybrid drivers, I’m expecting a nicely balanced mix, with super transparent higher frequencies. Let’s hope these expectations are met in this Mackie MP-240 Professional In-Ear Monitors Review.

IN the BOX – Mackie MP-240 Professional In-Ear Monitors Review

Hard molded case

Gold-plated ⅛” to ¼” adapter

Foam tips: s,m,l

Silicone tips: s,m,l

Double flange: s,m,l

FIT and DESIGN – Mackie MP-240 Professional In-Ear Monitors Review

I find the Mackie line to be the most comfortable in-ear fit out of all the professional monitors I’ve tried. They’re extremely light and are designed to rest perfectly in the contours of your ears. Mackie employs over-ear memory wires to secure the fit. These buds also provide pretty good sound isolation from ambient noise.

The MP-240 has dual hybrid drivers. One dynamic and one balanced armature. In theory, this design should give the headphones decent lows, while providing superior clarity in the higher frequencies.

The cable is braided with a thick shield. Durable! It also has MMCX connections that swivel for easy use.

SOUND – Mackie MP-240 Professional In-Ear Monitors Review

It’s all in the details! Great clarity and separation is what defines the MP-240.


The lows on the MP-240 aren’t as pronounced as they are on the other Mackie models. This is because of the hybrid drivers. Missing one dynamic driver, the low-end emphasis is removed. That being said, the bass is extremely clear, conveying the subtle textures of bass instruments. What I love about the bass on the MP-240 is that it’s super dry with a lot of grip. The lows are also nicely separated from the rest of the frequencies. Perfect for stage use.


The clarity in this range is spectacular. Vocals have presence and are super transparent, making them ideal IEM’s for vocalists. Even the fullest and messiest rock choruses sound beautifully outlined. What sets the MP-240 apart from the other two models is the mid range balance. Although, the higher mids are slightly emphasized, there’s no harshness to speak of.


Like the mids, listening to highs, you realize the value of having a hybrid driver design. Crystal clear highs. Coltrane’s saxophone is super breathy and detailed. And strings are just as clear, conveying the most subtle textures. Very impressive!


The soundstage on these buds is quite a bit wider than the MP-220, with more discernible depth and height. Live recordings, especially, are an extremely enjoyable listening experience.

SUMMARY – Mackie MP-240 Professional In-Ear Monitors Review

The Mackie MP-240 give outan impressively realistic sound. Although it’s light on the bass, it’s abundantly detailed and the most balanced out of Mackie’s three models. If you’re using these as professional in-ear monitors, they’re well worth the $199 price tag.

SPECIFICATIONS – Mackie MP-240 Professional In-Ear Monitors Review

Transducer Type: Single dynamic + Single balanced armature

Frequency response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz

Impedance: 16 Ohms

Sensitivity: 108 dB


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