Klipsch KG-100 Review

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Klipsch KG-100 Review

It isn’t often that we get gaming headsets here at Audio46, but here we have just that:  the Klipsch KG-100 is a stand-up headphone with an optional mic and separate cables for the PC included in the box.  It’s a headphone that can walk both sides of the divide, and it does so at an exceedingly enticing price just shy of $80.

Klipsch KG-100 Review

The Klipsch KG-100 is packaged as a reference-headphone-turned-gaming-headphone, with the former endorsement clearly visible on the box, but somewhat overshadowed by a graphic depicting the headphone’s compatibility with PC, XBOX ONE, and PS4 gaming platforms.

Inside this box is a a no-nonsense headphone, a detachable boom mic, and two sets of cables – one with a stereo-and-mic input in a single plug to be used with mobile sources (or for strait up listening, where no microphone is needed).  There’s also an audio cable with a split input for sound and mic, so you can plug it into your PC and play games.

The headphone is compatible with other platforms, but you may need an adapter to sort out input issues for different consoles.

The KG-100 itself features thick padded earcups that clamp around your ears and block out damn near everything around you.  The headband, despite being lean, is still comfortable, and it doesn’t seem to press to hard into the top of your head.

Sound is fairly clear, with a low end that can border on intense.  For gamers, it’s great for explosions or the roar of a shotgun as a zombie’s head falls apart.  But for listening tastes, it will definitely benefit those of even the most demanding basshead.

Mids and highs still retain a decent level of clarity, though it’s plain to see they play second fiddle to that low end.  There might be slight compression to the sound, but it’s not something completely unbearable.  For a gaming headset at such a low price, the sound is still quite good.  And as a headset that can double for a reference ‘phone, that slightly compressed sound isn’t going to ruin the experience for you.

So if you’re looking for that sub-$100 gaming headset that will also pair well with listening needs, look no further.  If you have money to burn, you might consider other Klipsch offerings of a higher price, but that’s about it.


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