MEE Audio X7 Plus Review

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MEE Audio X7 Plus Review

As bluetooth in-ear headphones go, the X7 Plus isn’t all that attention-grabbing.  It follows the same around-the-ear and behind-the-neck design as Beats, JayBird, and Audio Technica, but does so at  much cheaper price point of $99.

The X7 Plus is a basic in-ear bluetooth model.  The earpieces, though large, fit into my ears comfortably.  I have a big head and wide neck, and I wish the cable were a little bit wider, but most people will find this earphone more than comfortable.  The cables from each earpiece loop over and around the back of my ears, and on the right cable there’s  a simple remote that can pause and play music, start and end phone calls, and adjust volume.  The two cables form a loop, with a cinch that allows you to adjust just how tight the headphones feel on your head.  There’s also a little micro-USB port for charging the built-in battery.

Build quality seems fairly robust.  The cables are as thick and durable as those on the original X7, while the remote feels just a little bit better construction-wise.  A battery life of 7.5 hours is also a welcome improvement over its predecessor, and the earphones utilize the newer 4.1 Bluetooth technology for a more resilient connection with an operating range of 30 ft.

When I put the X7 Plus in my ear and turn on some music, I’m surprised by how good they actually sound.  There’s some decent sound in these headphones, helped along by a 6 mm driver that adds just a little bit of oomph to the bass – not an overpowering OOMPH, but a just-so-you-know-I’m-here oomph.  A discreet by present oomph.  A good oomph.

It’s an earphone well suited to rock, hip-hop, and anything with a decent beat.  It would probably fare just as well with classical, jazz, and acoustic work, but for those genres were minute details are of key importance, there may be better wired options.

All in all, this X7 Plus does most things well (good battery, easy to wear, strong build, decent sound) and some other things very well (PRICE!!!).  Is there are reason to forgo the MEE Audio X7 Plus and look elsewhere?  If you want something brand-name, feel free to blow more cash on another brand that does the same thing.  If you want more detail, go wired.  Otherwise, cop one of these jawns and go enjoy it.

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