New Sennheiser Momentum Review!

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New Sennheiser Momentum Review!

Check out this unboxing and in-depth review video Jana, our resident headphone reviewer did, of the newly released Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Wireless headphones.

Jana goes heavily into detail about:

What makes the Momentum 2.0’s different from their predecessor, the original Momentum’s?

1) The 2.0’s are collapsible (without compromising any strength in design or durability.) This means a smaller footprint, which makes them great for portable use, especially because they work very well with smart devices and don’t require external power.

2) The ear cups are larger! There were many complaints about the original Momentum’s not being “true” over-ear headphones, since the cups were small. People noticed that the inner rim of the earcups would almost suffocate the outer rim of their ears. These earcups are significantly larger. Additionally, the ear pad material is also improved and allows for more comfortable longer listening.

3) Different case. It’s slightly less durable, but will still keep the Momentums safe from most accidents. The case included with the 2.0’s is a soft shell zipper case, unlike the rock hard case that came with the Momentum 1’s.

What ANC, NFC, and aptX are and how they affect the sound quality of your music? How wireless headphones work and what you’re missing out on

The word “wireless” is always a type of taboo word when used in the audiophile world. Essentially, with where technology of the present is, “wireless” audio is usually another word for “compressed.” Usually, wireless audio isn’t such a friendly word. Your smart device (or wherever the music source is originating from) is usually chopping up the audio file and then sending it to the wireless headphones.

Why these headphones are worth $500?

Essentially, these are one of those rare gems that fit into the all-in-one perfection category. They excel in so, so many categories that both average and above average consumers prioritize when searching for the “ideal headphone.” These are Jana’s desert island headphone.

They sound amazing, are aesthetically pleasing, made with durable materials, have an incredibly long warranty, and are exceptionally comfortable.

And much more…!


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