Urbanite XL Wireless Review!

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Urbanite XL Wireless Review!

Here’s an unboxing and review video of Sennheiser’s latest Urbanite XL Wireless headphone. As of right now, only the XL model is offered wirelessly, though we eventually hope that the non-XL sized Urbanites will be offered as a wireless model as well.

Recently, a lot of wireless, high tech headphones have been implementing touch technology on the ear cup (almost like a basic version of Parrot Zik 2.0 technology.) On the Urbanite XL Wireless, the right ear cup touch pad can be used to do a wide variety of things, including controlling music playback, answering phone calls, and much more. In this review, Jana demonstrates how seamless the touch control process is and how easy it can be to use.

While the Urbanite XL Wireless does not feature ANC (active noise cancellation) like the also very recently updated Momentum line, it’s thick, dense ear pad cushions do help minimize outside noise with average noise isolation. Overall, these are an incredibly solid, durable pair of headphones. Watch the review to learn more about them!


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