Noble Falcon Pro Review

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Noble Falcon Pro Review

The Noble Audio Falcon Pro is the latest update that seeks to be among the finest true wireless earbuds on the market.

Here is everything you need to know.

What’s in the Box?

These start off with a great impression straight away with this really regal looking deep blue color. These have a photo on the front and your specs are conveniently listed here on the back. 

When you open up the box, you’ll see the manual on top. Underneath are a few slots that hold the goods. On the bottom there’s this small paper box, which admittedly was somewhat hard to get out, since it’s very snug. In here you have a drawstring pouch, your type C charging cable and 2 pairs of ear tips.

Above this is the charging case which, of course, contains the units themselves. 

Design and Fit

On the design front these have retained the deep color scheme of the charging case, with a dark grey/black color for the main husk followed by an accent of deep blue on the outside. The housings are made of plastic and feel pretty similar to other true wireless earbuds, but they have a good amount of integrity to them and they feel very solid. The simplicity carries over to the slick looking Noble etching on the side complete with subtle crown logo.

The charging case is a little thick, but the overall profile of it is very small and low key so it’s nice and portable. This probably slots in the pocket the best out of any true wireless charging case.

In terms of fit, the first difference you can spot in this pro version of the Falcon is a slight adjustment to the shape. These are a bit more angular and less round than the previous version. As a result, these sit a lot more naturally in the ear and are snug and secure. These felt like they went pretty deep into my ear canal personally - it wasn’t quite uncomfortable, but just on the border. This is obviously very personal for everyone, but just something to note here.  

Drivers and Controls

It’s clear from the price and the specifications here that Noble has high ambitions when it comes to the quality they hope to deliver with this true wireless system. The Falcon Pro employs a hybrid driver system - there is a 6mm titanium coated tri layer system to handle the bass and sub bass. The mids and highs are produced by two knowles balanced armature drivers. 

The Falcon Pro is also unique in that it boasts a brand new proprietary tuning performed by company founder and self proclaimed wizard John Moulton, who holds a doctorate degree in the field of audiology (Yes, that’s a real thing).

The amount of internal engineering and design inside this tiny true wireless unit is quite astounding, and it’s a huge credit to Noble that they’ve put time, care and innovation into contributing the latest to this congested field of gear.   

Like many other true wireless earbuds you can find these days, these feature touch controls on the outer side of the earbud. You can answer calls, control playback and activate your voice assistant with a combination of single, double and triple taps on either earbud. These controls are all outlined in your user manual.

The controls are adequate - not super amazing in terms of functionality, but they get the job done. I did find that you have to press quite hard to get them to actually register, so you either have to kind of hold your ear while you do it. Either that, or just take one of the buds out - or else you very may well may end up jamming these inside your ear canal. That being said, the controls do activate very quickly when the touch does register, and there is very little lag. 

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Bluetooth and Battery Life

For wireless here, these feature a QUALCOMM QCC 3040 chip that supports Bluetooth 5.2, with SBC, AAC, and aptX adaptive CODECs. These paired really quickly and effortlessly, they supported a nice range, and the resolution is very clear 

According to Noble, the Falcon pro will allow for playback time of up to 5 and a half hours at max volume, and  10 hours at 70% volume. I personally had them on for basically a whole work day at a pretty modest volume and they lasted me the whole time. 

It seems safe to say the Falcon Pro is right in the middle in terms of battery life - it’s not going to have the gargantuan span of the Final Audio EVA 2020, but it’s also not going to leave you high and dry if you’re taking these on the train for your commute. 

Sound Stage

I’ll say right off the bat that I always keep a tight rein on expectations when it comes to how wide of a soundstage you can get out of a true wireless earbud. One of the biggest surprises of this unit was just how well it performed here. Whether streaming spotify, or playing high res files directly from my phone, the image is immediately clear and apparent. There is a great overall spatial awareness and resonance.

At the top end, the space contracts ever so slightly, but the layering and depth remain superb. These generally feel way less boxed in than many of the other true wireless earbuds I’ve sampled.

Sound Quality

Now onto the sound quality. It’s apparent right away that the low end is not the belle of the ball here, but it’s still given enough power and presence to give your tracks some body, and is satisfactory enough for more bass minded people like myself. Tracks with a bit more low mid resonance and sub bass will benefit the most, as these do tend to be brought out well here.

As you might imagine, a lot of attention has been paid to the mids. And as a result, they have all the crispness and clearness that you could want out of these frequency bands. The response is full and powerful, while still maintaining that great sense of openness and spaciousness, and this is just a real treat overall here. Whether it’s hard rock guitars, or your favorite folk singer, they’re going to sound superb here. 

The high end is where opinions are likely to diverge here, as there is a definite emphasis on brightness that may lean too far for some. This will be really track dependent, as some recordings have just the right amount of sizzle and sparkle to round out the range gloriously, while others will take on a bit too much sibilance that can overshadow the great amount of detail. 

If you’re going to pick these up, you definitely need to know what you’re listening to and determine if these true wireless earbuds are the ones that will best serve your material.

You can order Noble Falcon Pro at Audio46.

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