Panasonic Iconics RP-HXD3W Review

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Panasonic Iconics RP-HXD3W Review

Stylish design, extreme comfort and impeccable sound are words that describe the Panasonic Iconics RP-HXD3W well. Recently launched by Panasonic for the 2013 season. The headphones bring together a chrome like ear cup design on a matte, silicone surface frame so that the headphones have a great aesthetic appeal, while also allowing the listener to enjoy the soft ear pads and firm soft head grip that prevent slippage. Listeners also have a microphone that comes with an on and off button with and extra adapter that allows the headphones to be used across a number of phones including Nokia and other selected models.

ThePanasonic Iconics RP-HXD3W is available in various dashing colors to match the listeners lifestyle form the loud and enthusiastic red, calm purple and great, or powerful taupe and black colors. Panasonic is looking to this model to provide an exciting sound experience to listeners who can expect to enjoy its soft comfort and strong sound delivery. The headphones are bound to create a mass appeal with the unique style ad form of the Panasonic Iconics RP-HXD3W, with sound lovers enjoying the radical yet comfortable design change. The 30mm driver unit that the headphones come equipped with also provide a high quality sound for the listener.

The Panasonic Iconics RP-HXD3W not only deliver great sound, but they also look great around the listener’s neck. The headphones also have great sound isolation technology, keeping the music in while blocking outside noise. The sound isolation feature keeps the listener from wasting precious battery life that is usually the case for headphones that have to be loud to keep out the noise.

The wider frequency, 10Hz to 25 kHz means that the listener can hear more subtle sound in the music, increasing the music quality. Although noise cancelling is better on the ear bud, the Panasonic Iconics RP-HXD3W does a good job with the sound isolation feature.

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