Panasonic RP-DJ600-K DJ-Style Headphones Review

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Panasonic RP-DJ600-K DJ-Style Headphones Review

The Panasonic RP-DJ600-K DJ-Style Headphones ensure a high quality sound experience for professional sound makers or those that love an earful of good sound. Made to deliver exceptional sound with great quality, these headphones are made with closed-ear design that has also been created to give maximum ear comfort for the best listening.

Noticeable immediately with this model is the swivel mechanism so that users can have free style monitoring. The headphones are delivered with a 1.2m or 3.9 ft. cord, a compact carrying pouch, large diameter driver units and a Neodymium rare-earth magnet that keeps the sound quality constant.

The Panasonic RP-DJ600-K DJ-Style Headphones fit the bill for the Dj on a number of features that must come standard for a Dj sound piece. Dj headphones are required to provide crisp highs and enhanced lows. The Panasonic RP-DJ600-K DJ-Style Headphones have drivers that are 40mm for these louder lows. They also are above the recommended 25 ohms for impedance coming in at a good 32 ohms.

Here’s why impedance is important; headphones that have a low impedance require little power so that they can deliver high audio levels, and so they can work with equipment that has low amplifications. However, this comes at a disadvantage of short lifespan especially when the Dj has to use heavy equipment with stronger amplification. You don’t want to go for a gig where the headphones burned out right in the middle of your performance-although if that happens, then you should have your spare headphones made by Panasonic!

Headphones with an impedance above 25 ohms do demand higher power from amplifiers but are usually protected from damage caused in case they are overloaded, allowing them to be used with a wider range of sound equipment.

Impedance also affects the durability of the headphones with headphones having low impedance easily susceptible to blow outs.

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