ULTRASONE DJ 1 – Professional DJ Headphones Review

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ULTRASONE DJ 1 – Professional DJ Headphones Review

ULTRASONE DJ 1 promise and deliver a natural surround sound ensuring that DJs get the full round sound when at work. Sound lovers alike can indulge the ULTRASONE DJ 1 earphones which are made to ensure safer listening with SPL levels decreased by up to 4dB or 40% for perceived loudness. These headphones already pass the test for louder lows. They are fitted with 50mm drivers, some 10mm above the minimum.

Additionally, ULTRASONE DJ 1 headphones are made with electromagnetic radiation shielding known as the ULE or ultra-low emissions. This health and safety feature is one of its kind reduces the low frequency magnetic fields that are generated by the magnet by at least 98% when compared to ordinary headphones. ULE technology was developed to provide professionals with safe headphones considering that they use these headphones for extended periods of their working hours.

With a weight of just 285g, the Ultrasone Dj 1 comes with an impedance of 64 ohms, almost twice the minimum threshold of 25ohms and just shy of the maximum 70 ohms. As a result, these headphones can be used with a very wide range of equipment without the danger of blow outs. Blow outs occur when headphones with a low impedance, below the limit of 25ohms, are connected to amplified sounds for high audio levels. The higher power delivered causes these headphone to cease working or blow out… High impedance is therefore a great advantage especially for Djs who have to work with a variety of equipment at different events. For crisp highs, a good pair of headphones should be in the range of 20 Hz to 20000 Hz. Utlrasone Dj 1 has a frequency range of 10hz to 22000hz, making them ideal to deliver both loud lows and crisp highs.

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