Pioneer HDJ-C70 DJ Headphones: A Powerhouse of Portable DJ Gear

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Pioneer HDJ-C70 DJ Headphones: A Powerhouse of Portable DJ Gear

Pioneer DJ is a division of Pioneer that exclusively caters to high-end DJ equipment. Their line of DJ headphones are revered worldwide as the best in the business because of their ergonomic build, durability and frequency response. Pioneer has a DJ headphone for every need and price range. The Pioneer HDJ-C70 DJ Headphones are a small but powerful on-ear professional DJ headphone, that packs a punch. Let’s take a look at the features and the specifications and see what makes this headphone great.

The build of the HDJ-C70 is strong yet lightweight. Holding this DJ headphone in person you can just feel it’s well made. Designed for extended use, the HDJ-C70 features incredibly comfortable earpads that won’t irritate even after hours of use. The headband is as strong as it is comfortable and adjusting the earcups to just the right spot is simple. Both earcups can rotate up to 90 degrees for single channel monitoring.

One of the best things about the HDJ-C70 is you can replace many of the parts. The headband, housing, head cushion and insert-style earpads are easily replaceable so you can keep rocking for a lifetime with the same headphone.

The sound of the HDJ-C70 is top notch due to the 40mm neodymium drivers and copper-clad aluminum wire voice coil. The bass hits with stunning quality and the mids and highs pop-out especially with electronic music. The frequency range of the HDJ-C70 is a broad bandwidth of 7Hz to 32kHz. And you can really push the SPL with an output sound level of 100dB.

Many DJ’s compare the Pioneer HDJ-C70 to the Sennheiser HD 25 and say they prefer the Pioneer due to its solid construction and 1 piece headband. Plus the sound of the Pioneer hits hard and with true precision. If you’ve never heard of the HDJ-C70 its truly worth a listen. Stop by Audio46 and test one out at our Pioneer DJ kiosk and hear for yourself just how powerful this over ear headphone really is. And pick up a pair of the HDJ-C70 while they last in store or online.

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Pioneer HDJ-C70 DJ Headphones Technical Data

Frequency Response 7 Hz – 32,000 Hz
Impedance 40 Ω
Maximum Input Power 2000 mW
Sound Output Level 100 dB
Style & Build Fully-Enclosed, Dynamic On-Ear Headphones
Chord 1 – 1.2m side-mount coiled chord (Extends to 3m )

1 – 1.6 m straight cord

Plug 3.5 mm stereo mini-jack (gold-plated, 2-way, screw-type)
Weight Without Chord 195 g


2 – Chords (1.2m coiled)(1.6 m straight)
1 – 6.3 mm stereo adapter plug (screw type)
1 – Screwdriver for chord replacement
1 – Carrying Case

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